Winter Queer Prom ❄️

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DIVA spoke to the people behind Winter Queer Prom to find out why they’re throwing a prom for Brighton’s queer folk and what to expect from the glittering, photo booth-filled event this January. Get those corsages at the ready, people. 


DIVA: How did Queer Prom come to be?

QUEER PROM: Speaking to people within the LGBTQ community, we discovered that not many of us had good memories of our high school prom and that others hadn’t even felt able to attend without having to pretend to be someone they weren’t. Either we conformed and wore clothes we didn’t feel comfortable in, or went with the wrong person while hiding in the closet. We wanted to give the queer community a second chance to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and to attend with the person they didn’t get a chance to go with. All in a 90s high school-movie inspired Queer Prom!


Who's behind Queer Prom?

The team behind Queer Prom are Brighton promoter and DJ Vicki Cook (FemRock, Grrrls To The Front) and Youth and LGBTQ campaigner and speaker Jules Haydon Guiatamacchi (Small Talks, iCAAD). Vicki attended her prom, forced into a long dress, heels, a spray tan and a Debenhams makeover, and spent the entire night feeling alienated, invisible and in total denial of her true self. Jules didn’t go to their prom because at 18, they felt like a lost cause, drinking themselves into oblivion and running away from their self. However, at Winter Queer Prom we’ll finally be able to celebrate as ourselves!


Why is Queer Prom is so important, do you think?

Queer Prom’s aim is to amend a past that our community should have had the opportunity to experience, just like any other teenager. It is also a safe space where the queer community are free to express themselves however they wish, to be amongst like-minded people and to be able to socialise, have fun and party the night away without fear of judgment or prejudice.



What can people expect from Queer Prom?

You can bet that you’ll be seeing stretched limos and corsages! There will a photo booth for guests to replace that dreadful high school picture hanging in their family home. We’ll also be putting together a class of 2018 year book from the photos that will be kept at the Marlborough Pub & Theatre in Brighton for all to see. We have an amazing host, comedy performer and compère Ali Hannon, Brighton-based Drag Queen and Producer Alpha Bites, Drag Performer Fruit, Queer Drag Cabaret artist Olive Hooters, Drag Heroine Tayris Mongardi and Drag King Zayn Phallic. Plus DJs Alfie Ordinary, Alex Spinks, Jumeau and Rebel Girl who will play a cocktail of Disco, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B and essentially the entire soundtrack of 10 Things, The Breakfast Club and Romy and Michele. There will also be some extra surprises throughout the night…


How did you choose the acts?

We carefully chose our favourite acts from the drag and queer performance scene including those whose performances we’d seen ourselves, and those who we have watched lustfully from afar, waiting for just this type of opportunity to invite them to perform.


How can people support Queer Prom?

Spread the word, come along and have a good night! Queer Prom is a not-for-profit night and any proceeds from the evening will be donated to local LGBTQ+ charities. There will be collection buckets and guests will also be invited to vote for their LGBTQ+ charity of choice where proceeds will be donated.


Anything else?

Queer Prom is about promoting equality and allowing the queer community to be counted. It’s about giving people their deserved space as well as helping local LGBTQ+ charities, the community and having fun! There is no dress code but we encourage people to take the opportunity to wear what they would have wanted to wear to their prom. We can’t wait to see everyone’s outfits!


Komedia has wheelchair access via a lift and has a wheelchair accessible toilet on the ground floor


For more information or to buy tickets click here



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