I'm on and I'm strong. Period.

Trans male model Kenny Jones announced as the face of a bold new campaign



A trans male model has been announced as the face of a bold new campaign designed to challenge society’s negative perceptions of periods and inspire open, inclusive conversation about menstruation.


The I’M ON campaign, which is the first of its kind to use a trans male model as its lead, is combating negative stereotypes surrounding periods in an effort to end period shame.


Male model Kenny Jones, aged 23, joins the campaign alongside two female models, to highlight the fact that it’s not only women that experience menstrual bleeding.



Launched by Pink Parcel, I’M ON sees a range of empowering slogan t-shirts designed by a collective of top fashion industry figures to change the belief that periods are inhibiting and shouldn’t be discussed. 


The range of tees follows new research released by the brand which found just eight percent of period related online content depicts the experience of the trans community, with a massive 92% viewing periods from a binary perspective only.


A poll of 2,000 British adults also found a third (34%) of Brits still see periods as a taboo subject and a quarter (25%) have experienced feelings of shame or embarrassment while on their period. 


Over a third (38%) of Brits use the phrase "I’m on" to describe being on their period, shying away from using the word period. The I’M ON campaign turns this phrase on its head, featuring tees emblazoned with a selection of powerful statements and quirky quips such as "I’m on the up", "I’m on a roll", "I’m on it" and "I’m on and I’m strong".


A further 31% professed to perceiving menstruation as weak, with over one in 10 (12%) believing that periods are something to be ashamed of. A shocking 50% of Brits have never spoken to their partner about periods, with 44% avoiding the subject even with friends.



“During my transition I did have to deal with experiencing periods each month and many of the negative stereotypes that can come along with it", said Kenny Jones. 


"Assuming periods are inhibiting to people tends to perpetuate period shame even more, and makes people even more reluctant to talk about them. I always found the fact that no one seemed to openly talk about periods quite difficult and made me want to hide mine even more. That’s why I wanted to be involved in the I’M ON campaign.


"We need to encourage everyone to talk about periods, whether they experience them directly or not. Sparking conversation is the first step to normalising periods within society.”​


Grab your tees now at pinkparcel.co.uk/im-on.​



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