This week on Radio DIVA: Actress Jemma Redgrave and writer and theatre maker Jenifer Toksvig

Plus Radio DIVA northern reporter Roisin Murray interviews She Drew The Gun 🎢


Clockwise from top left: Jemma Redgrave, Jenifer Toksvig, She Drew The Gun and Heather Peace


This week in the Radio DIVA studio! Hosts Heather Peace and Rosie Wilby are joined by British actress Jemma Redgrave. Best known for her roles as LGBTQ+ character Major Berenice “Bernie” Wolfe in Holby City, and Kate Stewart in Doctor Who, Jemma will be speaking to Radio DIVA about playing Bernie and her upcoming work.​


"I'm thrilled that Jemma has agreed to come and talk to us in the studio about her recent storyline on Holby City", Heather Peace told DIVA. 


"I had the pleasure of being her co-star in one episode at the very beginning of that storyline and I can't wait to hear how the rest of the shoot panned out."​


Bisexual theatre maker Jenifer Toksvig - sister of a certain Sandi - will also be in the studio speaking about her upcoming performance, Question 13: What is The Substance of Bisexuality?, at Omnibus Theatre's inaugural 96 Festival which comes to Clapham Common this February. 


On top of that, Radio DIVA's northern reporter Roisin Murray​ interviews She Drew The Gun.



Fronted by singer-songwriter Louisa Roach, SDTG offer "dreamy, lyrically evocative psych-pop from the banks of the Mersey". They released their debut album, Memories of the Future, in April 2016 in which the band explore conventional subject matter - including dysfunctional relationships, unrequited love and loss - but also veer outside the norm with “Sci-Fi protest songs”, and tracks exploring drugs, alcohol, addiction and inequality.


And of course, our fabulous "lesbro" Jonathan Phang who will be back with the latest LGBT headlines from OutNews Global. Make sure you tune in and join the conversation by tweeting @RadioDIVA104_4 πŸŽ™οΈ


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The move will also allow Resonance FM to expand their facilities and become a central hub for expressive and discursive mass communication.



"We want to make this fascinating and successful experiment a sustainable, on-going concern - one which grows in proportion to its seemingly unlimited potential", the Resonance team told DIVA.


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