This week on Radio DIVA: Authors Karen McLeod and Dr Elly Barnes

Plus! Heather Peace returns and Roisin Murray reports from Wonder Women Festival


Clockwise from top left: Karen McLeod as Barbara Brownskirt, Heather Peace, Elly Barnes and Wonder Women Festival


It's that time of the week again and Heather Peace is back from her adventures Down Under, and will be joining co-presenter Rosie Wilby for another Radio DIVA-licious Tuesday.


In the studio this week, the team are joined by author Karen McLeod who'll be chatting about her comedy alter-ego, Barbara Brownskirt, otherwise known as "London's worst poet”, or more affectionately, as "poet laurete of Penge".


"I decided in a queer world of performance, where drag and elements of it are used all the time, I would do their opposite. Go drab rather than drag, lonely rather than fabulous," Karen McLeod said in an interview with VICE.


Barbara Brownskirt will be bringing her infamous poetry to Camden People's Theatre in April - tune in for more.



Fellow author Dr Elly Barnes MBE will also be in the studio talking about her new book How To Transform Your School Into An LGBT-Friendly Place.


As her book - released on the 3 March - makes clear, LGBT+ inclusion is not a part of standard teacher training or induction, which makes it difficult for schools to provide inclusive learning environments, and support for LGBT+ pupils.


"I'm looking forward to coming in and chatting about how we can all make our environments LGBT+ Friendly!” Barnes told the team.


On top of that, Radio DIVA's northern reporter Roisin Murray, will be telling us all about Manchester's Wonder Women FestivalThe city-wide, radical feminist festival with a programme of exhibitions, tours, debates, performances and one-off screenings happening throughout March.



And last, but by no means least, roving reporter Rachel Shelley will be back with another lesbilicious report, and resident lesbro Jonathan Phang will have all the latest LGBTQ headlines from OutNews Global.


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While you’re here…

Resonance FM, host to Radio DIVA, celebrates its sixteenth anniversary this year, and with it, the team hope to consolidate, refine and grow as an organisation. To be able to do that, they urgently need to relocate studios and broadcasting gear, as the current site is being redeveloped - at considerable cost - hence a fundraising target of £100,000.



"I've created programming with Resonance FM for nearly a decade now and have learned how to make a radio show from their volunteer technicians", said Rosie Wilby, presenter on Radio DIVA.


"Before Radio DIVA, I had a weekly LGBT magazine called Out In South London. The team at Resonance champion so many new voices and ideas, that wouldn't be heard elsewhere on the airwaves, and have built an international reputation as the 'coolest station in the world'."


Heather Peace, who presents alongside Rosie on Radio DIVA, added: "Resonance FM has given us the opportunity to have a show that caters for lesbian and bi women primarily. A place to talk about the issues we face and meet the people who are representing us in art, music, theatre, tv and film.


"It's a hub of information for us and I feel it's essential we keep being able to broadcast."


Be part of Radio DIVA's future now. Join in our Fundraiser!



Only reading DIVA online? You're missing out. For more news, reviews and commentary, check out the latest issue. It's pretty badass, if we do say so ourselves. //


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