This week on Radio DIVA: Phyll Opoku-Gyimah and The P3 Network

PLUS Cumbrian comedian, actor and writer Jane Postlethwaite and Side by Side's charity Christmas showcase 🎄


From top left: Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Rosie Wilby, P3's Kathryn Bryant & Michael Newton, and Side by Side


With Christmas just around the corner, this week’s show takes its inspiration from the “season of giving”.


First up, we have Co-founder and Director of UK Black Pride, the fabulous Phyll Opoku-Gyimah. Phyll, also a DIVA Magazine columnist, will be on the show tomorrow speaking about her current work and recent Campaigner of the Year Award win at the European Diversity Awards.


Phyll told Radio DIVA: “I'm excited to be on Radio DIVA talking about the importance of equality, diversity and solidarity after winning Campaigner of the Year at the European Diversity Awards. 


“On top of that, it also gives me the chance to catch up with Rosie, Heather and the Radio DIVA team!”


Alongside Phyll, the team will also be joined by The P3 Network’s Head of Partnerships Kathryn Bryant and COO Michael Newton. The pair behind the LGBT parenting charity will be talking about their thunderclap campaign on HIV awareness and their work with LGBT families.


"We will be discussing the stigma around being a parent or wanting to become a parent and living with HIV," Newton told Radio DIVA.


"We will look at the stigma HIV people, like myself, face and advances in the medical science that are helping HIV+ people have families. I am really excited to be able to spread the message that HIV shouldn't hold you back from living the life you want, and that your status shouldn't define you.​"



Katrina Kieffer-Wells Founder and Chairperson of refugee charity Side by Side will also be in the studio speaking about the Side by Side with Refugees Christmas Showcase, a celebration of music, comedy and spoken word at St Mary’s Music Hall this Saturday 2 December.


Katrina will be joined by award-winning jazz singer, Ian Shaw, one of the founders and trustees of Side by Side with Refugees who’ll be performing music from his new album Shine Sister Shine in a tribute to the amazing women he came across while working with the charity.




And of course! Radio DIVA’s usual suspects will be on air, including Rachel Shelley’s roving report and the latest LGBT headlines from fabulous Radio DIVA lesbro, Jonathan Phang.


Make sure you tune in this (almost) season of giving 🎄



You can listen live to Radio DIVA at 6.30pm every Tuesday (on Resonance 104.4FM and DAB in London and online at or catch up anytime at



Only reading DIVA online? You're missing out. For more news, reviews and commentary, check out the latest issue. It's pretty badass, if we do say so ourselves. //


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