XPOSED: Revealing the naked truths about queer life

New LGBTQ writing night gives platform to eight short plays by eight emerging writers


ABOVE: "Gold Star", (left) Beth Eyre, (right) Roseanna Frascona

IMAGEs: Edwina Strobl


In the snug upstairs room of Hens and Chickens Theatre, London, theatre Full Disclosure's new LGBTQ writers night, XPOSURE, was about to begin. Eight short performances by eight emerging writers played out to a small, sold out audience and, simply put - they were all really quite beautiful.


Each intimate performance reflected a different viewpoint of the UK's diverse, queer communities today. From a young, gay man from the north east "mixing love, sex and alcohol" while on holiday in Bangkok, to a couple connected to one another through their phones both looking up at the night sky from different sides of the world.


ABOVE: "Fluid" with Jack O'Neill 


Standout performances included One Night Fran, written by Adam Szudrich, about three women recounting separate dates with the same, unseen character named Fran. Each woman met Fran at the same time, at the same restaurant but each experience both her, and the date, in very different ways - and it's very, very funny.


Something About Billy, written by Mark Daniels, is set in a pub and paints a very believable, everyday scene of a son coming out to his traditional working-class family. And lastly, Gold Star, written by Roisin Moriarty, sees a bisexual woman give her “gold star” date a light-hearted lesson in acceptance and sexuality over a bottle of wine. The result is a hilarious but frank discussion which confronts the biphobia and bi-erasure which all-too-often comes from within LGBTQ communities.



Each of the short plays were wonderfully honest insights into contemporary queer lives in the UK, uncovering new truths and - importantly - providing a platform for LGBTQ artists to share, develop and collaborate. Artistic Directors Chris Davis and Sam Luffman told DIVA:


“We're incredibly proud of all the writers, directors and actors that have been involved in making XPOSED happen. If it wasn't for their time, efforts and talent none of this would have been possible. 


“We believe it is important to tell queer stories and will continue to do so, and are already in talks with another venue for the second XPOSED event, which will be staged in the Spring 2018. Watch this space.”


Full Disclosure's door is always open to emerging writers, actors and other creatives eager to stage stories on LGBTQ themes. For more, visit fulldisclosuretheatre.co.uk or follow them on Twitter and Facebook @FullDisclosureT



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