Review: A Fairytale Of Possibilities by Kiki Archer

The latest novel from the queen of lesfic is brimming with warmth and wit.



Have you ever fallen for your straight best friend? Maybe you've daydreamed about an alternate reality, where you're already wifed up with a pet tabby, living happily, lesbionically ever after?


If that scenario sounds familiar, then you need to read Kiki Archer’s gorgeous new novel, A Fairytale Of Possibilities, ASAP. And even if you were more like, “Eh? Straight girl crushes are for closeted teens and masochists”, you should read it anyway because it’s hysterical and heartfelt and you’ll bloody love it.


Lambda Literary Awards finalist Kiki is the crème de la crème of lesfic, or as she calls it, “chick lit with a lady-loving twist”. Her speciality is fun-filled romcom romps that lezzy lit-lovers and bisexual bookworms devour with relish.


Her eighth offering, A Fairytale Of Possibilities, is simply fab. Our leading lady Lauren is - you guessed it - hopelessly smitten with her straight BFF, Rachel. She doesn’t want to jeopardise the friendship so she keeps herself busy creating real life fairytales as a wedding planner extraordinaire while privately lusting after the unattainable object of her affection. But what if, just maybe, Rachel felt the same way…?


This delightful book is brimming with warmth and wit. One moment you’re swept away on a romantic rollercoaster ride, the next you’re laughing so hard you’ve spluttered your large glass of wine all over your top and you don’t even care. Oh, and the sex scenes are spot on – sweet, steamy and plentiful, just how I like ‘em.


I really can’t recommend A Fairytale Of Possibilities highly enough. Binge-read it on the beach or curled up on a cosy sofa. And once you've gobbled up this one, you can get cracking on Kiki's highly addictive back catalogue.





A Fairytale Of Possibilities is available now at Amazon, Lulu and Smashwords.

You can see Kiki at the DIVA Literary Festival 3-5 November. Tickets are available at

She's also in the July issue of DIVA sharing her top tips on how to become a bestselling author. Get your copy now via the links below.


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