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Archive »DIVA Confidential

Denise Welch loved playing a lesbian!

Roxy Bourdillon gets to know actor, activist and ally extraordinaire, Denise Welch

Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig and Laverne Cox among winners at 2018 Natwest British LGBT Awards

The star-studded ceremony recognised celebrities and activists who move the LGBT agenda forward
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Archive »Ruby Rose

12 Ruby Rose words of wisdom to live by

"Love unconditionally and take the risk"

Ruby Rose opens up about her health with these stunning photos

"I'd rather put it out there"
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Top 10 fiercest Kristen Stewart looks

Kstew's grungy tomboy chic is pure #StyleGoals

KStew on sexuality, love and Trump's America

KStew talks sexuality, love and life in Trump’s America.
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8 Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi moments to make you believe in love again

Prepare to feel all the feels

Must-watch: Portia gives Ellen the most thoughtful gift for her 60th birthday

If you love animals, romantic gestures or Ellen DeGeneres, you need to see this
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Archive »Rose & Rosie

Rose & Rosie are here to blow your mind with three epic announcements

Don't you just love it when they #Overshare?

Top 10 best ever Rose and Rosie moments to make you laugh, cry and subscribe

Here's why we love the hilarious YouTube supercouple
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Archive »Heather Peace

This week on Radio DIVA: Caroline Whitney Smith and Jacquie Lawrence talk Different For Girls: The Whole Story

Plus DIVA publisher Linda Riley and Pride in London co-chair Alison Camps discuss the anti-trans protesters at this year's parade

At home with Heather Peace

Ahead of the DIVA Music Festival, Roxy Bourdillon spends the day in Brighton with the actor, singer and mum of three
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Archive »Ellen Page

Not hiding anymore

Three years after publicly coming out, Ellen Page tells us why she’s happier than ever

Our #wedding issue starring Ellen Page is out now!

The Hollywood star talks to DIVA about being out in the industry and how coming out has made her life so much better
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Archive »Tegan and Sara

Sara Quin speaks candidly about mental health in new zine

The musician talked to Do What You Want, a new zine raising money for mental health charities.

Kristen Stewart Goes Bottomless, Jackie Warner Arrested

Plus Tegan struck down by illness.
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Archive »Lucy Spraggan

Lucy Spraggan #DrinkTilWeGoHome

Grab your novelty jumper and some mulled wine and let’s #DrinkTilWeGoHome

Fostering love

Lucy and Georgina Spraggan let DIVA eavesdrop on their conversation about being foster carers.
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Archive »Saara Aalto

Saara Aalto: I've always felt like an outsider

Roxy Bourdillon talks to pop star Saara Aalto about letting go of her demons and learning to love herself

Saara Aalto is performing at the DIVA 250 Awards

“I have surprises in store and I can’t wait to see you there.”
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Archive »Videos

Elle Mills: BTS at her hilarious DIVA cover shoot

Check out this awesome video starring the YouTube phenomenon

DIVA EXCLUSIVE: The World Can Wait

Politics meets comedy in this brand new lesbian short 📽️
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