5 times Rose and Rosie’s #Exposed tour show was #awesome

A blind date, a game of truth or dare and plenty of erotic fan-fiction.


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When I heard that YouTube super-couple Rose and Rosie were going on tour, I knew it was going to be something special. I’m used to watching the hilarious twosome on my laptop, but seeing them onstage was even more exciting. You felt like you were inside one of their YouTube videos and anything could happen! It was tough to whittle it down, but here are my top five totally brilliant moments from an evening spent up close and very personal with Rose and Rosie.


1. The incredible atmosphere

I saw the show on its last night at London's iconic O2 Shepherds Bush Empire and the theatre was packed with subscribers and anticipation. It felt genuinely special to be surrounded by so many awesome, like-minded people - from LGBT fans, often accompanied by their supportive families, to long-time subscribers who couldn't wait to see their internet heroines in the flesh - all joined together for this unique experience. Our beloved hosts kept that buzz going all night long, with their witty ad-libs and high energy performances.



2. Laura

When fan fave Laura (aka Rose's sister) took her seat in the auditorium, the audience went wild, cheering, hollering and nearly raising the roof right off the building. Laura even made a cameo onstage, reading out some inspired and exquisitely crafted fan-fiction while Rose and Rosie acted it out for our entertainment.


3. Truth or dare

The whole show opened with a fun-filled game of truth or dare. In one round Rose had to get roasted by a fan ("Your editing's rubbish!" "When I first saw you, I thought you were straight!" #ouch) In another, a lucky audience member had the once-in-a-lifetime privilege of being serenaded by Rosie (#welljel). The game ended with the web-wives competing to see who could run around the theatre and take the most selfies with fans. Check out #exposedlondon to see the results.


4. Rose and Rosie's matchmaking service

Continuing with the audience interaction theme, Rose and Rosie did their best impressions of Cupid and set about matchmaking two members of the audience, while Rose played the Beauty And The Beast soundtrack on the recorder. If they ever get tired of making videos, they could always set up a matchmaking service.


5. Their end-of-show kiss

#awwwwwwwww #relationshipgoals



Post show kisses 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

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And here's Rose and Rosie's take on tour life.




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