Alex Rose-Lee: "Girls say, 'You're my ideal type; you look like a straight woman'"

The Big Brother star on femme invisibility and what she wants in a partner



You might remember Alex Rose-Lee from her appearance on Big Brother back in 2011. She was the blonde-haired, Barbie-loving housemate who won the hearts of the nation and placed a very respectable third. A lot’s changed since then. We caught up with the lovely Alex to find out more.


DIVA: You shot to fame on Big Brother. How much has your life changed since then?

ALEX ROSE-LEE: Mentally and physically, I’ve changed drastically. I feel if I was to audition again, I would get through because they wouldn’t even remember me! I’m a completely different person.


You should totally do it and then have a big reveal once you’re in the house! You’ve had a pretty major makeover since being on BB.

I was lucky enough to come into some money after Big Brother and that’s what I spent it on. In a way it’s sad, because when I saw myself on telly, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t what I thought I looked like. It really affected me over the years with body dysmorphia. Using the money and getting surgery and changing the way I looked, it’s made me into the person I always wanted to be. It’s like a fresh start. 2018’s definitely my year.



So tell us, why did you want to talk to DIVA today?

I’ve known since I was younger that I’ve been attracted to women. It’s only quite recently that I was able to find the strength to come out and say, “Look, I’m gay.” I was saying to people over the last couple of years that I was bisexual. It wasn’t until I was at Gran Canaria Pride that I was like, “You know what? It just feels so great to be around so many strong women and men.” When I arrived back to the UK, my mum picked me up at the airport and I said, “Look, I need to tell you something.” And I just said it in the car park. She was just made up about it. I think she knew anyway, but I hadn’t said it out loud and being able to say it I feel so much better. I felt like a huge weight off my shoulders.


Were you nervous about people finding out?

Not with my close friends, but with people who only really know me from doing a TV show. They still have that image of me being this young, sweet, young girl who, at the time, liked boys. I didn’t want to let them down. I didn’t really know how people on social media would take it.


When did you first realise you were attracted to women?

I knew when I was younger. I used to watch The Girls Of The Playboy Mansion. I don’t know if I wanted to look like them, but I was obsessed. I thought they were stunning. And in my art classes, I used to draw glamour girls all the time.



Is that your type of woman then?

No. The girls I’ve dated have gone from being quite femme to incredibly butch, which is definitely my ideal type. I’d say dark and handsome, tattoos, piercings, even a skinhead. So it’s literally gone from girly, femme, Playboy glamour girls to skinheads. Love is such a beautiful thing. Now I’m older, my type’s changed and I’ve changed as a person.


What kind of personality are you attracted to?

Someone with ambition and drive. When they’ve got something about them and they’re not afraid to be themselves.


Do you have any secret celeb crushes?

Ellen DeGeneres is quite cute as an older woman! If she spoke to me, I would definitely ask her out.


You might have to wait until Portia’s out of the room! Have you had many long-term relationships with women?

Yes, I dated one for one and a half years. I’ve dated a few girls, but nothing’s really stuck. I’m single and I’m not necessarily looking for anything serious. I’m more up for exploring different things and seeing what’s out there.



So this happens to me and I wondered if you’d ever had it too. With looking really girly, do you ever struggle to convince girls you’re gay?

Oh my god, this is the thing! I get it all the time. Guys come over and hit on me and I’m not attracted to them in the slightest. All the time I get, “Oh, you look straight.” I go, “What does straight really look like?” I get it all the time from women. They go, “You’re my ideal type. You look like a straight woman.”


Would you like to do more reality TV?

I would absolutely love to do reality TV again but it would need to be something to appeal to the gay scene. We need a Love Island for gay people and a Take Me Out for women. I was watching Dinner Date last night and it was a lesbian version and I loved it.


Did you see the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother?

Bits of it. It was absolutely amazing that Shayne won. 2018 has been a big change for the LGBT community. Having a drag queen win just shows how far we’ve come.



Follow Alex on Twitter @MissAlexRoseLee



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