Ari Fitz: "I'm flirty AF. It gets me in trouble"

The YouTube star speaks to Roxy Bourdillon about flirting, fashion and the darker side of fame


Penny Fuimaono


“Look, I’m not even gonna lie, I love to talk to women. I’m just a fucking flirty ass person. It gets me in trouble! My girlfriend is so used to it. She’s like, ‘Ah, that’s just bae being bae’”.


I’m on a transatlantic Skype call with gravelly voiced, mildly hungover, “flirty-ass” YouTuber, model and storyteller Ari Fitz. I’m very aware that her hundreds of thousands of subscribers (aka “Misfitz”) would be super jealous of me right now. Hell, I’m pretty jealous of me right now, getting to experience that smooth, swaggy Ari charm firsthand.


Seduction is her specialist subject so I start off by grilling her for tips, figuring I might as well learn from a master. “Alright, I’m not even gonna bullshit, let’s go for the realness right now. A lot of girls expect one thing from me so I give them something else. I show girls my goofy side. I’ll like trip and fall on purpose. If a girl feels comfortable making fun of you, then she’s gonna feel comfortable kissing you later that night.” Noted. Who knew my clutzy nature could make me a hit with the ladies?


It was Ari’s irresistibly cheeky demeanour that swung her audition for iconic American reality show The Real World in 2014. “The girl was really cute that was interviewing me, super fucking fine as hell for no reason. The whole time we were talking I’m like, ‘Can I find you on Facebook? How do we do this?’” After wowing the producers, Ari went on to star in Real World: Ex-plosion, the first incarnation of the programme to see housemates’ exes joining them. It was a career move that boosted her public profile, but decisions about how she was portrayed were out of her hands and in  the editing suite.“YouTube was my way of saying, ‘Hey y’all, this is the real me.’”





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