Clare Balding: As a community, as a family, it’s really important that we support each other

The British LGBT Awards Broadcaster Of The Year on what Alice thinks of her win and why you won’t see her on Strictly.


Talie Eigeland


When the brilliant Clare Balding won Broadcaster Of The Year at The 2017 British LGBT Awards, we couldn’t wait to offer her our congratulations and have a quick chinwag with one of our all-time telly faves.


DIVA: Congratulations on winning Broadcaster Of The Year at the 2017 British LGBT Awards!

CLARE BALDING: People say, “Why did you win?” I say, “Because I was available and could come.” I did slightly look at that list. That’s a hell of a list, isn’t it?


Who were you up against?

Sue Perkins, Graham Norton, Rachel Maddow.


Oh wow!

Exactly, oh wow. Now I think if she’d been able to fly over I suspect she might have won this. Alan Carr isn’t on the list because he’s presenting. Jane Hill was on there. Rylan Clark - love Rylan. (For a full list of nominees check out The British LGBT Awards website.)


You must have so many of these awards now. How’s your mantle piece coping under the pressure?

That’s - I - no… I don’t. I haven’t won an award for a long time. This is the first one that says 2017 on it!


Why is this particular award so special to you?

As a community, as a family, as a group of friends, I think it’s really important that we support each other. And if one can do that with champagne and glitzy dresses then, hey great.


What will the lovely Alice think about you winning this award?

I know what she thinks because I sat next to her and said, “What will I do if I won?” As it was being read out I said, “It’s Sue Perkins.” She said, “Yes, it is Sue Perkins. You can relax.” Because it said something about a comedian on one of the most watched shows on television. But then maybe the Olympics did really well... She’ll just laugh a bit.


What projects have you got coming up?

I’ve got some exciting things this summer. I’ve been filming a documentary about the history of women’s football, which will come out in July. And I’m going to be covering the Americas Cup for BBC Sport, which is fun, and then Wimbledon for the BBC.


Would you ever do a show like Strictly Come Dancing?

As my goddaughter said, “But it’d be so funny. You’d be dressed like Anne Widecombe.” I said, “Yes indeed, and that’s why I won’t be doing it."





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