Crystal Foster: “Sometimes I have to hide my bisexuality at work”

The former Next Top Model finalist discusses tattoos, telly and bisexuality




At just 21, bisexual model Crystal Foster has already lived an eventful life. Growing up in care in Doncaster, and surviving domestic violence and bullying, she gave up her office job to pursue her dream of a modelling career.


Fast forward to 2017, and Crystal reached the final of Britain’s Next Top Model, resulting in huge interest from TV companies, fashion houses and television. Heavily tattooed and standing at just 5’2”, her distinctive looks certainly give the impression of a model for the modern era.


Moving on to the subject of her bisexuality, she reveals some not-so-savoury attitudes in the modelling world:


“In a lot of cases, I don’t talk about my bisexuality. It’s not something I’d mention, especially among a group of models where, surprisingly, there’s a lot of prejudice.


“When it does come up, people just don’t seem to understand that, just because you’re bisexual, you don’t fancy everybody all the time.”


Bisexuality can have its advantages though, Crystal explains: “On a recent music video shoot with Radio One Extra’s Charlie Sloth, I had to kiss another girl quite passionately. While straight girls can, of course, carry it off, I like to think that being more comfortable with my own sexuality, makes me more believable and authentic. And what a great way to earn a living!”



Crystal’s star is set to shine even brighter over the coming year. She can currently be seen in MTV’s Single AF and is appearing in a hush-hush Channel 5 project in 2018. She’s mulling over a very lucrative TV presenting job offer, and is soon to jet of to Las Vegas and LA for some high profile modelling work. Having experienced catwalk modelling during her stint on Britain’s Next Top Model, would she like to work with high fashion brands?


“I’d love to”, she replies. “But tattooed models aren’t used by mainstream brands. Hopefully they’ll soon come to their senses,” she giggles – only half joking, it seems.


As the interview draws to a close, we have time for one more question. Until now, we’ve been getting on well, until we ask whether Crystal is hindered by not being based in London.


“I’m a Donny [Doncaster] girl at heart and home is home. Yes, quite a lot happens in London, but quite a lot happens in the rest of the country too. I’m quite capable of driving two hours on the motorway to London, then going home to be with my dogs.”


The interview concludes, we shake hands and Crystal disappears off to a photo shoot. We’re left with the distinct feeling that this is not the last we’ve heard of Crystal Foster.


You can follow Crystal on Instagram @littlemissloon and Twitter @littlemissloon



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