Exclusive! Rose & Rosie: “How we fell in love”

Are Rose & Rosie the cutest couple on YouTube? Their thousands of fans think so.


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Famed for their hysterical YouTube videos, Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton are a real-life couple whose online relationship has their thousands of fans entranced. DIVA had the pleasure of sitting down with them for a little chat.


Scroll down to watch the couple's Valentine's Day Q&A from last year. 

Growing up near enough each other to have a pool of friends who were all connected in some way from school, sixth form and college, you could say that these two were going to be thrown together one way or another at some point in their lives, as Rosie explained to me when we asked how they met.

DIVA: It's a very small world.
ROSIE: It is, I mean if it hadn't been for our mutual friends we would've never met. It's quite interesting, there's a lot of "what ifs" about our relationship actually. 
ROSE: I fancied you even though I hadn't actually met you because this crazy bad reputation of yours was making me think "oh god she sounds like fun".
ROSIE: Basically everyone said I was a partier and had a lot of boyfriends and girlfriends... which was true back then.
ROSE: You were a bit naughty weren't you?
ROSIE: Yeah…but you liked it and you used to stalk me, didn't you?

As they began to explain the story about the time they first EVER met in more detail, it was obvious that whoever said 'chivalry is dead' was wrong. Rose, intrigued by the rumours of Rosie's 'bad girl' lifestyle, proceeded to investigate further by putting a sheet over herself and her best friend, claiming to be ghosts in order to sneak into a halloween party hosted by Rosie, who hadn't actually invited them.
ROSE: The only reason I dressed as a ghost was to conceal my identity so I didn't have to pay the charge on the door OF ONE POUND.
ROSIE: My stepdad was the bouncer on the door and he said "um have you guys been in before and paid?" and they were like, "yeah, WE'RE THE GHOSTS" and he was like "OH YEAH THE GHOSTS, there you go" and just let them in…So I met you, but you were a ghost so I didn't know it was you at the time. I never saw your face.
Ok, so to be really cheesy, do you both want to tell me the moment you fell in love with the other?
ROSIE: Mine's rude.
ROSE: Mine's rude too…
ROSIE: I know what your one is, I know what it is: For Rose it was during one of the first nights we spent together.
ROSE: No don't say that one, that is THE most unromantic thing you could EVER put anywhere.
ROSIE: No, talk about it. I remember that day.
ROSE: We had a really incredible fourth date, this is when I fell in love. Basically we went to interview Kitty Brooknell from X Factor at our local club and I took Rosie along. We had a really great night, I was driving so Rosie drunk for both of us TWICE OVER and then we went back and had a really romantic night, I remember It was 25 November 2011. That is when I fell in love with you.

When did you fall in love, Rosie? 
ROSIE: At the beginning we were trying to play it cool, saying we will see each other and be able to see other people so we were really on and off. During a time we were off, like stopped speaking completely, I fell really ill and instead of ringing my mum or a friend to take me to the hospital, I rang Rose. Even though we hadn't been talking Rose got all her stuff together and came and looked after me. It made me really fall in love because even though we'd fallen out and things were bad you were still there for me.

That's REALLY sweet.

That's a lot more romantic than Rose's original story.
ROSE: Oh my god yeah.
ROSIE: We were kissing and we were drunk.
ROSE: Do you know what though, it's because I'd wanted you for like literally five years. I was 18 when I first found out you existed and 23 when we first got together.

Five years is a LONG time though, that's persistence.
ROSE: Isn't it… and stalkery!

Slightl - but look at where it got you, it worked! So, when did you first introduce Rosie to YouTube?
ROSE: I think it was the 'Curry Farts' video… I was hanging out with Rosie at her old flat, I brought my camera and I said "let's make a video and put it online" we never really did it for anyone else's benefit, I don't think, it was just for fun.
ROSIE: It was for fun, something fun for us to do and we had a lot of fun doing it.

Since you've become really popular do you get recognised when you're out and about?
ROSE: More so now, I'm not actually used to it. When we first started we didn't get recognised at all. Now it's all the time.

You both work full-time, do people come into your work?
ROSIE: To this year now, people come in every single day. Just the other day someone from America, obviously Googled where Rose works, got the number and was just ringing repeatedly asking to speak to her, so it can get a bit weird. Once we had a woman turn up outside of our house with a map. 
ROSE: I can safely say that every person we've ever met has been nothing but lovely. It is daunting though when we do meet and greets, people come from overseas you think, "Oh god, what do they want me to do?".

That's cool though, you attract people from all over the world just to come and say hi, that must be a nice feeling?
ROSE: It is.
ROSE: Yeah, basically it's gone from nothing…to a lot.
ROSIE: It's evolved from like, hey let's meet at this tree in London too LET'S HIRE A VENUE.

Do your parents watch the videos?
ROSIE: We said to our parents, just don't watch the videos because we're just snogging all of the time.
ROSE: Not on purpose - apart from superkiss.

Your most popular video actually, over a million views.
ROSIE: That was my idea - I'm so proud. Seriously though, I think we would rather our most popular video not just be two lesbians kissing, but that's how it turned out. At the same time, we are grateful to have such a popular video.
ROSE: Put it into context though, we didn't just think, OH PORN, LET'S DO THAT.
People LOVE a cheap make-out session though.
ROSE: They do and we are the epitome of cheap.

How have your lives been affected since starting YouTube?
ROSE: I joined YouTube four years ago, I just enjoy my life more because I really genuinely have fun making the videos. It's a break from my real life at work and I get to interact with some really awesome people.
ROSIE: It affected my life, definitely. When my cat got ill and nearly died, I couldn't afford the vets bills because it was over £1,000. I tweeted about it and someone suggested that I set up a donating thing because she'd donate. So I put it on and within 24 hours people had raised over the amount I needed and I had to say to people to stop donating. So yeah, it affected my life by saving a life. Whenever we do meet ups I ALWAYS ask if anyone there donated towards my cat. I have already met people who have, I wrote them all really long letters to say thank you.

Just from browsing Tumblr it's obvious to see that your fans absolutely adore you, do you realise the positive impact you have on younger girls watching?
ROSE: I realise how speaking to my network, well partner, with YouTube, that my demographic really is I think 15 to sort of 23, a lot of them are gonna be late teens, mid teens, so I can appreciate and I really, really am so thankful that people watch the videos. If I can in any way give people courage […] even though I never thought I was necessarily a lesbian guru or a lesbian channel, I'm glad that they can just watch my videos and enjoy them. Whatever they get out of it.

ROSIE: If it helps even just one person, that's enough.


And to finish, 2014 has only just begun - where would you like to see yourselves go or be by the end of the year? Do you have any plans or any secrets to share?
ROSE: Well, the secret being really, we had a lot of demand since we started to make more than one video a week. So at the moment we are trying to guarantee two videos a week and a video on Rosie's channel as well, so that's three a week. Whether or not we'll be able to maintain that is a different story, we work full-time. BUT yeah, basically, more videos, more of us, the big meet and greet in April and in the summer we'll do some fan stuff as well.


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