Natasha Negovanlis Wins Screen Award, Ruby Rose Served Cockroach

Plus Brianna Hildebrand has a new girlfriend!


Natasha Negovanlis wins Fans Choice Award at the Canadian Screen Awards


In a delightfully sweet and well-deserved turn of events, the immense Carmilla fandom rallied around Natasha Negovanlis in a frenzied online campaign to score the pansexual actress a Canadian Screen Award.

And it worked! Natasha gave thanks to the queer community, Carmilla viewers, and her co-star Elise Baumann.

She also gave old-Hollywood vibes in a homemade dress. Here’s to a rising queer actress who is one of a kind. 


Tove Lo sees herself as bisexual


The artist told Out “But I’ve never actually had a relationship with a girl. It was one of those, do we need to define, why are we defining? [The interviewer] was like, “Have you ever had a relationship with a girl, because if not, it’s kind of more of a sexual thing, isn’t it?” She was kind of drilling me on it, so I was like, “Well I guess then I’m kind of a hobby lesbian, I don’t know.”

Welcome to the fold, Tove Lo! Quick note: there’s a difference between being bisexual and being a lesbian. Calling bisexuals “hobby lesbians” is reductive, stupid, and insulting to both gay and bi women. 


Brianna Hildebrand met her girlfriend on The First Girl I Loved


The gay actress who rose to stardom in Deadpool and channeled baby gay angst in First Girl I Loved did an interview with The Independent in which she talked about coming out young and meeting her new girlfriend, who worked in the art department on set. From the interview:

“Throughout my junior high and high school life, I was kind of in the same boat as Anne. I was a little confused. I hadn’t seen a film that has shown queer kids during their confused times. Usually, queer cinema is sexualised or is about grown people who know who they are... It took me a long time, not necessarily to come out, but to understand how I was feeling. It wasn’t planned for me to come out with First Girl or anything. I just so happened to have met my current girlfriend on the set.”

She’s currently prepping for her role in the next Deadpool movie. 


Charlize Theron kisses girls

In the first trailer for Atomic Blonde, anyway. 


Ruby Rose served cockroach in Sydney

Ruby Rose went to Sydney last week for Mardi Gras and received an unwanted treat at an upscale restaurant. Now, there’s a publicity scandal. Let’s break it down:

On Monday, Ruby and her girlfriend (Jessica Origliasso) dined at trendy Spice Temple and found a bug in their food. The incident leaked to the press and caused major embarrassment for Spice Temple. Rose took to twitter to blame the unwanted stories on publicist Max Markson.  

She also claimed that Markson had her photographed without her permission. 

Spice Temple's food and dining director Jeremy Courmadias confirmed the incident to The Daily Telegraph, saying, "We know it was a bug of some sort," while stressing their pest control measures. "We aren't even 100 percent sure it was a cockroach."


Laverne Cox has a trailblazing new show on ABC


She made waves playing the first trans protagonist on CBS’s short lived legal drama Doubt. After Doubt was cancelled after only two episodes, it took ABC approximately five seconds to snap Cox up for another leading role. This one is a different kind of first: Cox will be playing a role that wasn’t written with a trans person in mind. In “The Trustee,” Cox will co-star in a buddy comedy alongside Elizabeth Banks. She’ll play “Amanda Jones, a larger-than-life ex-con finishing out her prison sentence by doing menial tasks for the police department.” Her casting in “The Trustee” marks the first time Cox’s transgender identity didn’t factor into her casting or role. A major coup for trans representation in the mainstream. 


Failed American Idol contestant willed herself straight for God

La’Porsha Renae, who I have never heard of, ignited a twitter storm over some dubious comments she made about sexuality. The singer told HuffPo “I chose to be heterosexual after being homosexual for 2 years. I chose a belief system that felt TRUE to my spirit.” and then rambled on a bit about how she loves everyone but God doesn’t want people to be gay. Good luck with that new album nobody will be buying, boo boo. 


Kristen Stewart shaved her head


She looks like a young lesbian Eminem and that turns me on. You can watch Stewart explain the drastic new haircut on a morning show here. Short version: for a role. 


Bachelor Contestants who found love find a breakup


In *shocking* news from Australia, the women who competed for the Bachelor and found each other instead are looking to find other people. First can I just rattle the old, dusty drum and say: STOP CALLING BISEXUAL WOMEN LESBIANS. IT’S NOT A LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP IF THERE ARE NO LESBIANS IN IT YOU IMBECILES. WHY. ARE. PEOPLE. SO. TERRIBLE. AT. WRITING. ABOUT. QUEER. WOMEN. WHY. CAN. NO. ONE. EVER. USE. THE. CORRECT. IDENTITY.

Ok. Ok. I’m done. It’s just frustrating because this article about their breakup has the headline “Bachelor lesbians Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx split” and then IN THE VERY ARTICLE after referring to them both (WHO MET BECAUSE THEY ARE INTERESTED IN MEN) as lesbians contains this headfuck of a quote from Scanlon:

“I always considered myself heterosexual, I have never been interested in women and I don’t identify as lesbian or even bisexual.”

Yes. Anyway, the two have broken up, allegedly because being in a same sex relationship was too hard, but probably because the sexxxxyyyyy lingerie photos they were taking together weren’t getting as much press as they used to. Sorry, but not sorry, you two are useless. 


Halsey announces new album with topless photo

Love it. 


Panty sexy lesbian movie Below Her Mouth” has a trailer

It’s filled with heavy breathing. 


Jaden Smith & Cara Delevingne tapped as leads in ‘Life In A Year’ 


Why is my imaginary girlfriend betraying me with my nemesis Jaden Smith? He is dumb and a sublimely terrible actor. Someone get Cara a real actor to do a movie with. Preferably a girl. 


Sia and P!nk sing together in 'Waterfall'

P!nk continues to be the gayest straight woman alive. 


Lauren Jauregui talks coming out

In a recent interview with HuffPo, Fifth Harmony’s bisexual member discussed her coming out experience. The 20 year old came out last year in an open letter that made headlines around the world. “I was pointing out all the different ways I personally felt attacked, and that is a very big part of it. That’s definitely part of who I am. I feel like people make such a big deal out of sexuality. It’s so weird to me, because at the end of the day it’s just about soul connection. It’s just about who you connect with.”


Anne Heche plays a lesbian in 'Catfight'

And there’s a trailer. 


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