14 Queer Christmas anthems to fill you with festive cheer

Christmas time is QUEER! Glitter, tinsels, fairies: could there BE a queerer time of the year?!



For those of you looking for some quality, queer anthems this festive season, all your Christmases have, ahem, come at once.


In addition to some Xmas classics – think, Mariah and The Ronettes – we’ve included The Pansy Division’s glorious Have A Homo Christmas and Lady Gaga’s Christmas Tree, both of which are a definitive move away from the more traditional seasonal fayre and more focused on getting it on under the mistletoe, under the tree or, well, anywhere.  


I was disappointed to discover the lack of Spotify presence for the brilliantly named band Venus Envy. The band released a Christmas album back in 1992 called I’ll Be A Homo For Christmas, featuring classics such as Lesbians We Have Heard On High, The Twelve Gays Of Christmas, which includes gifts such as a turkey baster, two dogs named Sappho, “…and a year of therapy”, and, my personal favourite, Silent Dyke. This album is well worth your hard earned coins.  


Sia, who came out as bisexual in 2013, has released a Christmas album called Everyday Is Christmas. The album, which Sia said they completed in just two weeks, is a response to the lack of “good Christmas music”.


Sia - Everyday Is Christmas


While we’re loving Sia’s new offerings, we’re also big fans of the tunes below.


We’re also delighted to present, for your viewing and aural pleasure, the legendary Pam St Clement’s beautiful rendition of White Christmas:



Lucy Spraggan - Drink Till We Go Home


Christmas Tree – Lady Gaga


I Hate You This Christmas – Kate Nash


2000 Miles – The Pretenders


I Was Born On Christmas Day – St Etienne


Winter Wonderland – Darlene Love


All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey


The Heartache Can Wait – Brandi Carlile


Christmas Don’t Be Late – Tegan and Sara


Sleigh Ride – Ronettes


Have A Homo Christmas – The Pansy Division


Last Christmas - Wham


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