Professional Breakup Artist: Where lez/bi folk go to laugh about their breakups

A one woman show that brings humour to love, lust, and heartbreaks 💔




While we may all have a past when it comes to relationships, Brighton-based performance artist Annabelszki unites all of our queer hearts together in a fun, thought-provoking, laugh-until-your-stomach-hurts evening.


The success of the show was in part thanks to its audience; a healthy mix of buzzcuts and lipsticks, veterans and baby dykes. Through them, this one woman show became less of a cabaret and more of an atmosphere where lesbros can openly giggle about their heartaches.


The audience’s participation, and Annabelszki's ability to interact made it a fun space for all us ladies who dig ladies. (No need to worry if you're someone who hates being singled out in a show – it’s a safe space).



The performance starts off with a bang, with Annabelszki re-creating Pride, and her first "lesbian experience". We as an audience are taken on a journey with Anna through her romantic history, from her first hook ups, loves and of course the break ups.


The comedian choreographs her stand up performances with music and videos consisting of other lesbians recalling their relationship experiences. This itself makes it less of a one woman show, and more of a collective of heartbroken queer ladies with hilarious stories to tell.


Annabelszki complains, jokes and recalls moments in a relationship many of us have experienced. Whether it’s asking girls out for the first time, being friend zoned, defining the D word (it’s date by the way, you smut!) and having to deal with your partner’s pet staring at you when you’re getting into it.


The highlight of the show however were her poems. They’re personal, hilarious, and heart-warming. Annabelszki's talents truly shine with her rhymes and are a true testament to her and comedic timing.



What was most impressive was one of her final poems, where she gets members of the audience involved. I won’t spoil it - but it has a lot to do with some of the random things your ex leaves behind.


Regardless if you’ve tossed them out, or created a shrine dedicated to them. Annabelszki's performance proved to be sincere, and honest with a dash of charm.


The Breakup Artist is a reminder that relationships can come and go, but that just being a member of the queer community surrounded by your queer sisters can often times be the perfect therapy.


The breakup artist is fun, charming and relatable and, in Anna’s own words, we are reassured that, “Break ups are not failures, but rather, good time management.”​


Follow Anna Pribelszki on Facebook here, or Twitter @annabelszki 



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