Comedy review: Muriel - Bad Master

DIVA lols at this debut sketch show from three very funny women.





Muriel are funny. With three hilarious yet seemingly very different women at the helm of this sketch group they're reminiscent of 90s favourites Smack The Pony but with an added slice of YouTube culture.


Their bio says you might know this up and coming sketch group from the viral videos If Tube Lines Were People or The Great British Political Bake Off. I didn't. But that wasn't a problem. I found myself immediately endeared by Muriel's line-up of Janine Harouni, Meg Salter and my personal fave Sally O'Leary.


I was surprised to find out afterwards that this is only their debut show together.  Their confidence in both content and delivery of sketches felt like I was watching seasoned performers. The laughs came early on and kept me going well after I’d left the venue. 


With Muriel at ease in front of an audience, this multimedia show effortlessly weaves filmed sketches between live silliness that includes, singing, dance routines and some non-threatening audience participation.


There are nods to the exploitation of women in film which also shows off Muriel's collective acting abilities, observations on parents' inability to FaceTime correctly, a Nando's rap with incredible attention to detail from the menu (when was the last time you heard a song mention "macho peas"?), and a totally underplayed but eerily accurate Emma Thompson impression.


There were some less original sketches such as Muriel’s take on QVC-style shopping and whilst it wasn’t necessarily new, it was still enjoyable, primarily for the wig work.


Faux improv troupe "The Laughleates" punctuate the show and had me and the rest of the audience in stiches with each appearance.


Muriel have talent, humour and energy that is a welcome addition to the comedy offerings of the Edinburgh fringe.


Also, they gave the audience free biscotti at the end.


Bad Master is on 1.20pm 15 - 27 August at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Get your tickets at:



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