Dream Nails have dropped their new music video...

DIVA's favourite feminist punk witches have released their newest music video and it's brilliant



Claudia Moroni


Dream Nails, aka Anya Pearson, Janey Starling, Lucy Katz and Mimi Jasson, are a collection of glittering punk witches playing catchy, feminist songs, making their own zines and bringing “girls to the front” at their gigs - and new single Vagina Police is nothing short of brilliant.


Teaming up with Irish-Italian director Guen Murroni​, the Dream Nails bring conversations around abortion rights to the forefront in their latest politically-charged (and equally tongue-in-cheek) offering. 



"This video is dedicated to our sisters in Ireland who have been campaigning tirelessly for decades for the abortion referendum we're finally having in May", said Murroni.


"It's also for the women of El Salvador, Malta, the Vatican, Chile, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua who live with the strictest abortion laws in the world."


Lead singer Janey added: “We've produced a zine on 'reproductive justice' to go alongside the vinyl to make clear that globally, people's bodily autonomy is impacted in ways that extend far beyond abortion. 


"For example, forced sterilisation of trans people, women in prison having to give birth in shackles, and the obstacles lesbian parents face. The struggles we face are different, but they are all connected.”


Read Lisa Luxx's interview with Dream Nails in the brand new issue of DIVA, available digitally here and in print here


For more on Dream Nails head to the band's website here or follow them on Twitter @yourdreamnails



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