🎭 Ed Fringe 2018: Ashley Storrie — Adulting

If you need someone to represent your irrational anxieties, leaky vagina and adult imposter syndrome, Ashley Storrie is your woman




Believe it or not, Ashley Storrie is 32.


She might dress like a toddler in her thick denim dungarees, but there are several reasons for that, and Ashley takes us through them all in a way that celebrates storytelling in comedy.



For instance, Ashley’s adventurous first gig in England (Milton Keynes, don’t you know) is a snapshot of her and her father’s relationship, and leaves you wondering how on earth either of them would survive an apocalypse.


But that’s actually a reassuring feeling – not all of us are very good at adulting, so Ashley’s attempts at maturity feel all too familiar. Both adulting and womaning is an absolute minefield.


So what do you do when something falls out of your vagina? How are women expected to know about this stuff when nobody talks about it? And more seriously, why isn’t Meryl Streep wanking in the corridors of a Premier Inn, trying to seduce men into their films? 


Ashley’s not just the face of her viral If The Handmaid’s Tale was Scottish and If Harry Potter was Scottish clips, her stand up combines the gift of Billy Connolly’s storytelling and Jo Brand’s raw feminist rants – she is absolutely the lesbian-like straight woman we need right now.


Bottom line, Ashley is as hilarious as she is bang on.


It’s hard not to see her audience as a sounding board for the things that keep her awake at night, but we’re very glad she did ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Ashley Storrie is performing at The Counting House, Edinburgh, 6 – 26 August 2018. This is a free Ed Fringe Fest show, but donations are very much appreciated.


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