🎭 Ed Fringe 2018: Catherine Bohart — Immaculate

Catherine has OCD, and not the kind everyone claims to have...




If you don’t yet know about Catherine’s show, where have you been? 


A fantastic storyteller and relatable outsider, Catherine’s witty and accurate description of what it’s like living with a mental health condition grips you immediately.


Catherine has OCD — and not the kind everyone claims to have. It’s a serious disorder with serious consequences. When she was 23, she was hospitalised for several months and had to move back in with her parents.


As if fighting OCD wasn’t hard enough, coming out to her father, a Catholic deacon, meant she had to prove not only that OCD does in fact exist, but so does bisexuality.


Her attraction to both women and men simply didn’t exist in his eyes – ironic, she says, for such a man to not believe in something unless provided with solid proof.  



Catherine’s debut Fringe show takes us through the highs and lows of growing up and coming out in Ireland, amid religious hypocrisy, and what it’s like to have a family go from not understanding your sexuality at all, to becoming better LGBT activists than you.


"They just love to preach, don’t they?"



An incredibly funny show, full to the brim with heart-warming tales of Irish life and family.


This is powerful stand up, tackling societal misconceptions around mental illness while showing off how resilient you can be when everything and everyone around you seems just a little less than... immaculate.


If you want exceptional emerging talent, Bohart’s your woman ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Catherine Bohart performs at Pleasance, Bunker 2, from 8 – 13 and 15 – 26 August 2018. Grab your tickets before they sell out.





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