🎭 Ed Fringe 2018: Jen Brister — Meaningless

Jen’s perimenopausal which has turned her from "already angry" to "absolutely fucking livid"




Jen Brister’s new Edinburgh show cuts through society’s pretence; decoding what people really mean when they say the things they say, or do the things they do.


She gifts us an hour of pure honesty and analyses the bullshit thrown at her on a daily basis. It’s hard enough being an adult, a parent, a woman — so why are other people always so bloody difficult?


One of the first "rules" female comics must follow is: don’t talk about your period. It’s overdone, it’s disgusting and hardly anyone will be able to relate to you (a mere 51% of the population).


So naturally, Jen doesn’t oblige. She launches into one of her classic, ridiculously entertaining rants which can last anywhere between five minutes and five hours, but it’s a gift you should be grateful to receive.


Guaranteed if men had periods, towels and tampons would come free with every beer bought from behind a bar. Amiright?



Jen’s also perimenopausal, which has turned her from already angry to fucking livid. It’s not just the fact she’s in her forties either – it’s that her mum is living with her (or on top of her, in the attic, to be precise), her two small children keep her up all night and everything in the world has gone to shit.


Jen predicts her future by impersonating every possible outcome, leaving us pretty confident she’s got it all covered. Because when the world gives us Brexit, Trump, climate change and sexual harassment, what else can you do but plan ahead?


Despite being absolutely fuming, Brister’s kindness and empathy shines through her entire show. Her comedy responds to society’s ills in the most affectionate way. And she and her girlfriend are ready to tear down misogyny by teaching their two young boys to become the best human beings they can be.


What could possibly go wrong? 


Meaningless is an energising set devoted to interrogating the status quo. It’s hilarious, bold and brash and importantly — it’s the comedy we need right now ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Jen Brister performs at Monkey Barrel from 6 – 14 and 16 – 26 August 2018. Tickets are only £5, grab 'em here. Catch her while you can, you won’t be disappointed.





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