🎭 Ed Fringe 2018: Suzi Ruffell — Nocturnal

Heather Price finds out what's keeping Suzi Ruffell up all night...




The thing I enjoy most about stand up comedy is the variety. There are a lot of talented stand ups out there, so setting yourself apart requires a lot of hard work and nervous energy. 


Nocturnal is one of the most tremendous performances at the Fringe. Suzi takes her hyperactive anxiety and throws it into the fire pit of comedy – what you get on stage is the explosive result. It’s a tornado of a set; you could be there for ten minutes or ten hours, there’s simply no way of knowing.



Suzi’s show explores all the things that keep her awake at night and quivering throughout the day. There’s global warming, war, Britney Spears’ wellbeing and the guy downstairs who won’t return one of her three hammers. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and Suzi wants you to know how exhausting it is being Suzi.


But she’s a proud lesbian, and that keeps her sane. And the homophobic, misogynistic trolls? No problem. But she has decided her odd neighbour’s going to turn her into a lamp made of skin (skin lamp) so that’s where her real worries lie. 


Suzi’s high anxiety levels means she suffers from validation issues. Therefore it’s perfectly normal to do things she doesn’t want to do to get people she’s only just met to like her. That includes swimming with stingrays that taste like vodka and sucking penis-shaped straws on hen dos. We’ve all been there.


But a legitimate worry keeping her awake at night is inequality. She knows it’s illegal to be gay in most countries around the world and Disney is still quavering about whether or not to have an openly lesbian princess.


It’s offensive, panders to homophobia and doesn’t offer any role models to young children growing up who feel different and don’t yet know why. Suzi’s finale offers the best (and most camp) solution to this problem, so you’re in for a theatrical treat. 



It’s rare to see a comedian not just delivering material well but also thoroughly enjoying the job. So far at the Fringe, Nocturnal has been one of the few shows that feels more genuine than scripted, and that’s where Suzi’s love of stand up shines. It’s infectious (not like her lesbianism) and utterly brilliant.


Suzi’s one cool lezzer with a cat, but there’s nothing typical about this show. It’s loud, proud, mental and side-splittingly funny.


If you’re a stand up fanatic, you must see this show. That's â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸ from Heather.


Suzi Ruffell performs Nocturnal at Pleasance Courtyard, from 7 – 12 and 14 – 26 August 2018. Grab your tickets before they sell out.





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