Falling in Love Again (Can't Help It) ...with Germany!

Fancy winning a luxury trip to Germany in celebration of Berlin crooner Marlene Dietrich?


IMAGE: Bundesarchiv, Bild 102-14627


“Falling in love again. What am I to do? I can’t help it.”


Many women could have written that same line at one time or another in their lives, who you fall in love with just happens. Marlene Dietrich, one of Germany’s most famous and open bisexuals, knew this well. Now the German National Tourist Office wants to give you the chance to visit her home country.


With a career that blossomed during the artistic powerhouse of 1920s Germany, her signature film The Blue Angel was, in 1930 and still today, a cinematic triumph. Those who have seen the film (as well as many who haven’t) instantly recognise the voice of Dietrich as she croons her global classic “Falling in Love Again (Can’t help it)”.


Dietrich was discovered in Berlin making eyes and singing lesbian love songs to another woman onstage in a 1920s German cabaret nightclub. Her daughter later described her mother’s career as being the prototype studiously copied by Madonna, with her intense focus on quality imaging, branding, sexual playfulness, androgynous appearance, and continuing reinvention.


This autumn, in commemoration of Marlene, the German National Tourist Office is sharing its best kept secrets with you, listing a number of events taking place to “fall in love again” to: 


Halloween in Frankenstein Castle

Darmstadt, near Frankfurt

20 October - 5 November


Jazzfest Berlin


31 October - 5 November  

Marlene Dietrich was a native Berliner and was bestowed an honorary recognition as Citizen of Berlin for having been a lifelong ambassador of freedom-loving Germany. 


Reformation Day Celebration

Wittenberg, between Leipzig and Berlin

31 October

Marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.


St. Martin's Day (Martinstag) 


11 November 

Think colourful costumes, much frolicking and great revelry in Cologne and many other regions in Germany. The celebrating culminates in the street carnival between the 8th and 13th February 2018 and if you are yet to experience Karneval (known in the South as “Fasching”), make this the year you discover it for yourself!


WIN! A Luxury Trip to Baden-Baden 

As well as sharing its most popular autumn events, the Tourist Office is offering the chance to win a luxury trip to discover one of the true gems of Germany - the elegant spa resort of Baden-Baden, right on the edge of the Black Forest.


To enter (it takes less than a minute!) click here.




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