Five minutes with Charlotte Carpenter ☕

We get to know the indie rock singer-songwriter ahead of the DIVA Music Festival




Heading to the DIVA Music Festival? Want to find out more about our lovely performers? You're in the right spot. This Five Minutes With features singer-songwriter, and Babywoman Records founder, Charlotte Carpenter.


Having drawn comparisons with the likes of PJ Harvey and Courtney Barnett, as well as praise from BBC Radio 6’s Lauren Laverne, Charlotte's well on her way to becoming queer music royalty. Almost a year after we first interviewed her, we check back in to see just how much this Babywoman has grown...



DIVA: You’ve just finished a wild festival run, how are you faring? 

CHARLOTTE CARPENTER: Right now, I feel tired! I’ve just conquered a 10 day run of 1,300 miles with very little sleep and comfort, BUT... I wouldn’t trade any of it. I loved played in Ventnor on Isle of Wight. It was like stepping back in time. Most of the place still holds a 70s vibe to it. I felt so cut off from existence and I loved it. Hardly anywhere had wifi or alternative milk. It was like the old days! 


You recently set up your own record label, Baby Woman  first, awesome work  secondly, when did you decide to go for it?

Thank you! You know, it came to me pretty quickly. When I put out the single Babywoman back in March, it felt natural that I created a platform for myself. The single was such a statement song, and I wanted to somehow carry that sentiment into future releases. The idea to build a community really stuck out; a family of likeminded musicians and creatives who are always fighting against the grain in some way. 


And what are you hoping will come out of Babywoman over the next couple of years?

I hope I’ll grow a group of people who want to collaborate, tour together, share ideas, song write and stuff like that — a proper gang. I want musicians, whether they’re at the start of their careers or in between things to feel like Babywoman could be a home for them in some way, short term or long term.


I hope it'll be a safe place to bounce ideas around, be different and create a movement that will not let the everyday industry bullshit get you down. There’s a lot of that — why not do it together. I’m planning house tours around the concept with some of my favourite musicians as a way of getting our music heard in the most intimate and authentic way possible. You know, before those big internet giants do. 



You’ve got a tour with pal and fellow musician Alessi’s Ark in November, have you toured together before?

YES! I’ve loved and played with Alessi for a few years, but most recently we’ve learnt how crucial it is to surround yourself with good people in this industry. So, we booked the tour ourselves and plan to have nothing but a hoot from start to finish. 


Do you ever face challenges being an openly queer woman in mainstream music?
I haven’t faced any challenges, and I think that’s partly down to the growing number of us which feel like we have nothing to hide, so have been open about our relationships. The more of us who speak out with confidence, the easier it will become for future generations of queer women. 


How are you feeling about performing at the DIVA Music Festival? Supes excited, right?
I feel honoured to be a part of it and THRILLED to play alongside KT Tunstall. I’ve been a huge fan of hers since Jools Holland in 2004. I’ll be front row. See you there.


Any words for your queer fan base?
Keep moving forward with confidence and hold the torch. Don’t forget how hard people before us had it. Also, if you saw Britney at Pride in Brighton, I’m jealous. Toxic is a jam. 


Follow Charlotte on Instagram here, and on Twitter here.



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