Introducing new kids on the block, Glossii

Wolf Alice, Garbage, and Blondie eat your ♥️ out...




Created in South London, post-punk four piece Glossii's hard-hitting riffs and "full-steam-ahead rhythm" have got people talking...


Made up of bass player Charlie Lock, guitarist Lewis Smith, drummer Reuben Rost, and vocalist — and soon-to-be queer, punk icon — Sofia Zanghirella and her girlfriend Emily who styles the band, these bright, young things are making noise across London's alternative music scene.


Interested? Let's get to know them a little better... Oh, and while we're at it, fancy an exclusive of their brand new video?


Scroll on, music lover... ♥️


A word on style Charlie Lock, bass player

"We wanted to be a visual band as well as a musical band. The fact that we wear make up isn’t a mask it’s us displaying our vibrancy. Androgyny is becoming more apparent today and we are to contributing to that."


Sofia's girlfriend Emily styles the band Emily Peiser, stylist
"I base my vision on a famous model from the 80s called Gia, she’s got a grunge edgy sort of punk look and I’ve loved it ever since I first laid my eyes on her; she was known for turning heads even if it was because she looked different and I’ve always wanted to create that sort of vibe. 


"I want people to turn their heads when they see the band, even if it’s because they think ‘WTF are they wearing?’ Everyday the band dress as though they are going to a dress up party and it’s sick, we use vibrant colours to express ourselves in ways other people just don’t."


Above: Charlie Lock. Bassist.


The story behind their debut single Headache Sofia Zanghirella, lead vocalist

"I wrote headache about this girl I used to know who I was pretty close with and then slowly began to hate for many reasons [laughs]. I guess the inspiration behind it was our ‘friendship’ and the anger and hatred in the lyrics is all raw and 100% real which is probably why it's my favourite song to play. I feel like the energy of the crowd is just buzzing from it and I feel like it’s a good song to take all your anger out on. We named the song headache mainly because the girl that it’s about is just a fucking headache really!"


Lyrics that make you feel something Sofia Zanghirella, lead vocalist

"For the audience I want to provoke a feeling — whether it be disgust or whether it be lust, I don’t care, I just want them to feel something. There are too many bands these days that write about stuff with no feeling behind it..."


Above: Sofia Zanghirella. Lead vocals and queer babe.


It's all a little bit School Of Rock... Lewis Smith, guitarist
"We all met at a band course which is quite ironic because, at the time, I don’t think any of us were thinking about forming a band, we were just there to play and mess about. It started with myself and Charlie one day deciding we wanted to start something and then Sofia got involved and we started writing Watching Me, which is one of the singles on our EP.  Reuben then joined and Charlie switched to bass and we just banged it out from there."


Above: Reuben Rost. Drummer.


A word on new EP Intentions and on the band's ambitions Glossii
"We chose to do individual releases for each song on the EP because we wanted to make a statement with each track because they’re all so different. They are all about true, raw experiences which makes them all unique in their own way, from the lyrics down to the drum beat.


"Our ambition is to make people feel something. We want to create a space where people are able to feel whatever the fuck they wanna' feel and not feel pressured into conforming. We want to meet people and create a relationship with our listeners. We want to excite, invigorate, and bring out the raging passion in people. Just being able to create and be a part of that buzz. That's what Glossii is all about."


Ready for the video exclusive? Enjoy... 



For more on Glossii visit, for tour dates click here ♥️ 



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