Keeana Kee: "Love is a sign you're alive"

The pop singer reveals all about her sizzling new music video



“I texted the address, did you get it? Hello? Hellooo? Agh..”


That’s the first line of the You’re Real music video. There I am with my phone battery run out, just as I’m on a call with my girlfriend. I’m lost in the middle of nowhere, drunk on love, frustrated about my flat tire. The journey ahead is long and hot. I check into a hotel for the night and then... the miracle of love stops by.



You’re Real is a song about someone you can’t live without, someone who is beautiful, caring, sweet and special - who makes you feel complete. Someone you are ready to share your life with, walking hand in hand reaching out your goals. Someone you are ready to compromise with, who you respect and cherish.



I want this song to warm you up, to remind you of your feelings for that special person. To not give up on your dreams and not give up on your relationships, even when it’s tough. Don’t forget all the moments you went through with your other half and how much they mean to you. Fight for what you love and what you wish for. Accept your feelings.



It can be so overwhelming that sometimes you may even feel like it’s not real. But your LOVE is a sign that you are alive. As long as you live, you should love and be loved.



The song You’re Real was produced in California by talented multi-instrumentalist Sergio de Anda and filmed and directed in sunny Los Angeles by the incredibly creative Edgar Marrera (GoldenBoyFilms).


I hope you enjoy the music video!


Keeana Kee




Listen to You're Real on Spotify or iTunes​. And make sure you follow Keeana Kee on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.



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