Let's Make Love 💗

Catching up with Keeana Kee ahead of her appearence on the DIVA Women's Stage at this year's Pride In London




We catch up with Latvian pop princess Keeana Kee as new single Let's Make Love hits the airwaves 💗


DIVA: Your new single Let's Make Love came out this week, what's the song about?

KEEANA KEE: Let’s Make Love is about PASSION, LOVE and DESIRE (capitals necessary). It’s when you’re into someone so deep and you just can’t get enough of it. When you can’t think of anything, but to be with this person every second of your existence.


When it feels like you’re falling in love for the first time. Let’s Make Love will let you dive into your most passionate cravings with it’s magical vibes. When your anticipation of feeling your bae close is making you burn. [DIVA: Ooh la la... 🔥🔥🔥]



Let's Make Love is full of magical vibes! Who inspires you musically?

My biggest inspiration today is SIA. I am absolutely in love with her music and creative approach to it. Her melodies are so unique and powerful and that’s what I am trying to concentrate on when I write my own material.


You came out in DIVA's 2013 The Sex Issue, how does it feel looking back at the now, five years later? 

I LOVE IT. It was an incredible shoot and I am so proud to have been featured on such an important magazine for the LGBTQ community across Europe. I'm really thankful to everyone who helped to make it happen.


You're from Latvia originally, where are you based now? 

Yes, I was born in Latvia, but right now I'm based in New York — a city I really love. I'd also consider moving to Los Angeles at some point, which I think could be another place for me to pursue my music career. 


What is it like for someone who's LGBTQ living in Latvia? 

I visit Latvia once in a while, and I know that the situation for the LGBTQ members is still very difficult... On the most basic of levels, you get judged for standing out. 



Is it as easy to be LGBTQ in New York as most people think? And when you're home in Latvia? 

London and NYC have given me so much freedom to be who I want and to be able to express myself in all ways possible. I feel comfortable holding hands with my partner, kissing in public, and feel like I can be myself without all the fear that LGBTQ members experience living in countries like Latvia — there are still a lot of closed-minded people out there. 


Most importantly... when can we next see you here in the UK?

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be performing at the Pride In London DIVA Women’s Stage on Saturday 7 July! See you all there DIVAs —Lets Make Love, and my love, goes to YOU.



To hear Let's Make Love on Spotify click here and on iTunes click here. You can follow Keeana on Twitter @KeeanaKee 💗​💗​💗​



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