Lola Flash: Photography, Pride And Queer Visual Politics

Don't miss this fascinating talk from a creative powerhouse


Over a career spanning three decades, Lola Flash has used her camera to capture the experiences of members of queer and black communities from all different walks of life. She challenges racist, sexist and homophobic stereotypes and invites spectators to change the way they look at things. Her work’s straightforwardness and honesty is what makes it so powerful. She recently had a solo exhibition at Pen+Brush in New York, showcasing her work from the last 30 years, which included a cross-processed colour photography series made in response to the AIDS crisis. Her work is also included in public collections including the Victoria And Albert Museum in London, her work appeared in the publication and touring exhibition Posing Beauty: African American Images From The 1890s To The Present by Deborah Willis, and she appeared in the award-winning film, Through A Lens Darkly, directed by Thomas Harris. These projects are only a snapshot of her incredible accomplishments and talent.


If you want to learn more about Lola Flash’s body of work, then head to Autograph ABP on Monday 23 July where she will discuss the politics of representation and visibility in her work with senior curator, Renée Mussai. She will share insights from her work and look at the power of photography in challenging the way society views different communities. This event is must-see for anyone who is passionate about photography, interested in new ways of seeing that question gender, sexual, and racial stereotypes and wants to learn more about Lola.


In the words of Renée, "Flash’s photography pays tribute to those who courageously navigate contested zones of existence, transforming dissident sexualities and complex cultural identities into productive sites of exploration, reclamation and occupation."


Lola Flash: Photography, Pride And Queer Visual Politics is on Monday 23 July at Autograph ABP. ​Find out more and book your ticket here.





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