Lots Holloway: "Pride reminds us how far we've come and how far we must still go"

We caught up with the awesome singer-songwriter ahead of her performance at the Radio DIVA Women's Stage this Pride in London.


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The countdown is on for Pride in London. This year is especially exciting because for the first time ever the Radio DIVA Women’s Stage is taking over Leicester Square. Radio DIVA’s Heather Peace, Rosie Wilby and Jen Brister will be there entertaining the crowds and introducing some amazing acts including one of our absolute favourite singer-songwriters, the brilliant Lots Holloway...


DIVA: How are you feeling about performing on the Radio DIVA Women’s Stage at Pride in London?

LOTS HOLLOWAY: Ecstatic. Love pride, love the atmosphere, love the music, love performing - it’s going to be wicked. 


We can't wait either! What are you most looking forward to about it?

It’s actually the first time I’ll be performing my new material with my band, so it’s sort of a "grand unveiling". There will be all music from my upcoming EP, and a famous cover that I’m going to get Leicester Square to belt out as if they were at Glasto.


Wow, sounds epic. Do you remember the first Pride you ever went to?

The first time I went to Pride was to play. I played at Brighton pride in 2013 and it was magical. There was such an energy and such a vibe. It was a vast sea of people who’d all come together to celebrate who they are - their quirks, their similarities and their differences, free of judgment and full of life. 


Beautifully put. What was your most memorable Pride moment ever?

London Pride 2015. Watching a band. Somewhere in-between killing it in the mosh pit, and ripping the sleeves of my own t-shirt, I was letting some chicks shoot a water-pistol full of vodka into my mouth. Good times. (there is even a photo to accompany it)



Do you think we still need Pride?

Yes, I think Pride is still important - and I think, as long as it continues to uphold it's real meaning and have real value, it will always be important. Pride is the celebration of equality within diversity, and supporting, in solidarity, a community which has long been discriminated against. It stands as a marker or a beacon, to remind all humans how far we have come, and how far we must still go in lifting a stigma off of a group of people, who are just people. 


What makes you proud?

I am proud of anyone who has the bravery to stand up and be exactly who they are - in all their beautiful, ugly, sexy, strange glory. 


And finally, what are you working on at the moment?

I’m (impatiently) waiting to drop a single (and a surprise) which will then be followed by an EP later this year. This time around I am producing all of the music and doing all of the creative work myself - music, videos and artwork. I like to feel that all the ideas have come straight from the fountain of insanity which lives in my head, and out into the world, without being tampered with or diluted. I want people to see and hear my art the way I do.  


You can keep up with Lots by following her on Twitter.

The Radio DIVA Women’s Stage will be in Leicester Square at Pride in London on Saturday 8 July. We can’t wait to see you there!




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