Paloma Faith: "Mention the phrase ‘gender-neutral’ and the world falls apart”

Jordan Gray quizzes her former Voice UK coach Paloma Faith on motherhood, The Architect, and why relationships are a bit like pies


Alice Hawkins


Being around Paloma Faith, one is enriched with the feeling that everything is going to be alright. She is undeterred by rejection. She is not dissuaded by intimidation. Her art is self-aware. Her politics are self-evident.


We were talking once backstage about the #AllLivesMatter backlash to the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Paloma told me: “If your kitchen’s on fire, you don’t throw water on the whole house... Of course all lives matter – but this is what’s happening right now.”


Paloma upholds a common sense approach to equality. The golden rule of reciprocity? “Do unto others”, etc. Job done. A proud feminist and passionate LGBT+ ally, Paloma is one of those active activists that actually actively acts – and always has been. Literally protesting from the seat of her pram, Paloma is a second-generation revolutionary, attributing her passion for social justice to her mother Pam.


Following the transmission of The Voice UK’s fifth season, my fellow contestant Lydia and I are invited to dine with Paloma and her fellow coach George (comma, Boy) in London. I arrive to find Paloma already deep in lively political banter with a stranger at the bar. Following a night of spirited revolutionary rhetoric, Paloma takes off across town in an Uber – in the classiest example of egalitarian nonchalance I’ve ever seen.




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