Review: Alison Moyet live at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall

Heather Price gives the legendary singer five stars



With a career spanning over three decades and still producing captivating music now, Alison Moyet once again graced Manchester with her electric personality and one of the best back catalogues in music history.


The Other tour is a celebration of her new album of the same name. It’s an arty, poetic and synth-tastic piece of work that explores the pitfalls of the modern world. Moyet’s heartfelt lyrics require a lot of attention, not just because they’re so good at explaining how she feels, or how we all feel sometimes, but because this is the work of a literary genius. Other is both complex and easy. Her poetry makes you strive to discover its true meaning, but suddenly, it all makes perfect sense. At some point in life, we all think the same things. So what we get is Moyet’s insight, and it’s profoundly accurate.


Moyet has a big gay, lesbian and bi following, and the Other tour has championed and embraced otherness in all its shades. Moyet shared the backstory to Other’s first track, The Rarest Birds, telling us that since she moved to Brighton she’s felt more at home in a community full of outsiders and "others". The Rarest Birds pays homage to this community and celebrates a place that welcomes diversity.


While we enjoyed classics from Don’t Go to All Cried Out, we were treated to a couple of tracks from her last album The Minutes, which sits high in my favourite albums list. It’s genius, and with the incredible effects from Moyet’s light show, Changeling was completely brought to life.


Of course, there’s always one arsehole who loves to put an artist down, but Moyet had the perfect response to the man who told her to "get on with it". We all love those in-between moments where the singer tells us a story or explains what a particular song means to them, but as usual, it doesn’t take long for a bloke to try and stop a woman from having a voice. Alison’s working-class banter and intellectually profound stories had us all hooked. Her wit and wisdom is as captivating as her music - full stop.


Moyet has a voice that, if possible, has become even more compelling in its strength and range. Hearing her perform songs that challenge the vocal chords, such as Whispering Your Name is one of those experiences where you wonder how such talent is maintained. She joked about it being a bastard to sing, but made it seem so effortless.


Finally, a massive shout out to her lighting folks for creating such an incredible spectacle. The lasers and strobes deserved their own show, with the way they responded to every track, morphing from what could be a moving train to a classic eighties disco.


Seeing Alison Moyet live is always a must, and always will be for me. Keep singing Alison. And keep talking.


Set list

April 10th

I Germinate

When I Was Your Girl

Wishing You Were Here

Nobody’s Diary


The English U

Only You

Beautiful Gun


Lover, Go

All Cried Out

The Man In The Wings


The Rarest Birds



Love Resurrection



Whispering Your Name

Don’t Go



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