Review: The Naked Dietitian by Lucy Aphramor

Aphramor's Fringe debut is a passionate call to arms



The Naked Dietitian is a call to arms. A manifesto if you will. Dr Lucy Aphramor is a radical dietitian and spoken word poet using her first Edinburgh show to passionately call out the everyday oppressive actions of individuals and institutions that contribute to body shaming, racism, ableism, cis-sexism and homophobia.


Lucy’s well-chosen and passionately delivered words present an honest, moving and unashamedly queer exploration of the ways we connect with ourselves and each other, and how we can do so compassionately.  Lucy describes it as wanting to "go out into the world as part of a peace convoy, challenging the deep roots of violence, advancing justice and promoting wellbeing".


If you’re thinking that sounds like an intense 45 minutes, you’d be right. The show’s content could easily lend itself to something two or three times that length. Some audience reviews I read said they plan to see it more than once, and I can see why.


Before starting the performance, Lucy makes a point of making it known to the audience that she really is a dietitian, and an experienced one at that. She is the winner of an OSCA (Outstanding Service and Care Award) for her ground breaking work as an NHS dietitian. She developed her Well Now approach in response to the many shortcomings of NHS and commercial approaches to lifestyle change and dieting, replacing a short-sighted focus on weight correction with a more holistic self (body) respect and health gain for all.


Lucy is certainly one to watch for queer spoken word fans, or anyone interested in joining her quest to question how we can all contribute in building a fairer world.


I was left wanting this to be a whole afternoon of performance and discussion. Whether you get to catch one of Lucy’s shows before the Fringe ends or not, check out her website to keep up to date on her work for compassionate social change. Certainly very different from the preconceptions I had of who a dietitian might be. 


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