Rose And Rosie: There's Another Reason Why It's Called Exposed

The YouTube supercouple reveal all on their upcoming tour.



Your favourite YouTube supercouple are off on tour! We caught up with Rose and Rosie to get all the backstage goss on Pillow Lady, Hoytt and exactly what they'll be exposing.

DIVA: We can’t wait to see your tour show. Why did you decide to call it Exposed?

ROSE: It’s a double meaning. It’s exposed in the sense that I can’t edit it before uploading it. And there’s another reason why it’s called Exposed…

ROSIE: We share everything with our audience, but they might find out even more about us if they come to the tour.

Sounds exciting! Have you ever done any live performance before?

ROSIE: We put on our own show called B2B in London.

ROSE: We called it B2B because it was back to basics. It was us stripped back in front of a live audience.

ROSIE: We did a Q&A and we played games with the audience. We got people onstage, Rose gave psychic readings to people, and they want things from our house that have appeared in videos so we had this pillow that was called Pillow Lady. Pillow Lady actually had some of my DNA on it because it had some blood on it. 

ROSE: It gave us an idea of what worked as a live set-up.

ROSIE: And it made us realise how much we love doing it. People were laughing and everyone was tweeting afterwards saying, “Please do more, make it a yearly thing,” and we were like, “Why don’t we go on tour?” Also people actually flew over from America. We had someone from - 

ROSE: New York.

ROSIE: And Kentucky, and someone from Israel as well. So we were like, “Ok, we need to do more of these.”

Do you have long distance fans coming to this show?

ROSIE: We always get some international people. We’ve got people from Sweden!

ROSE: Also, we’ve got a big group of girls who are making it their own mini tour, coming to all our shows, which is really cool. That’s commitment, isn’t it?

Definitely. So what can you reveal about the show?

ROSIE: Well we don’t want to spoil the games too much but we have this really amazing sound technician called Hoytt and he’s coming on tour with us.

ROSE: That will mean a lot to a lot of people.

It seems like it’s going to be really funny and upbeat. Are there going to be any #RealTalk moments?

ROSIE: We want the audience to be laughing the whole time. If anything comes up, nothing’s off limits. But generally it’s a comedy show.

Has it been challenging translating what you do online to an onstage format?

ROSE: It has logistically, but content-wise not really. We’re so used to doing things that are live like YouNow broadcasts, so it’s not really any different.

ROSIE: Rose and I are control freaks and we know how we want things. We’ve been designing our set, making sure it’s pretty, thinking about every little detail. The audience will know that the tour is ours as soon as they get in.

A few quick-fire questions for you now. Who gets more nervous before you go onstage?

ROSE: Rosie will have a breakdown on the day. I’ll have a breakdown for six months leading up until the day.

ROSIE: We have this rule - no double meltdowns.

That’s an excellent rule. Who do you think is going to be the more outrageous and rude onstage?

ROSE: I think it could be me!

ROSIE: Everyone thinks it will be me but Rose actually surprises people. If we both forget that our mums are there, anything could happen.

And I’m sure everything will go brilliantly, but if something unplanned did happen, who would be the quickest on their feet?

ROSE: Honestly, I think both of us. And if that happens, technically with the theme of our tour, it kind of would work. I can’t give too much away…

ROSIE: If anything goes wrong, I’m just going to start matchmaking people. It makes me happy.


Rose and Rosie's Exposed tour starts 23 April in Cardiff, before heading to Dublin, Salford, Glasgow, Birmingham and London. You can buy your tickets here. Look out for our full length interview in the May issue of DIVA, available digitally from 21 April and in shops 27 April.


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