We chat #BiVisibilityDay with indie pop band Lucy & La Mer 🌊

Guess what? I'm still bisexual.


Lucy LaForge


With Bisexual Visibility Day coming up at the end of the month (the day falls each year on 23 September), we thought we'd have a chat with US, pop singer-songwriter Lucy LaForge, who'll be celebrating this year here in London...


DIVA: Hello Lucy! First off, for those who don't know you (yet), tell us a little more?

LUCY LAFORGE: I’m Lucy LaForge from Los Angeles and I’m the lead singer-songwriter of the indie pop band Lucy & La Mer, with which I create community-based concerts that benefit social justice causes! (Well, that sounds lovely.)


Describe your music in a nutshell.
My goal is to get at least one person smiling within the verse of any song. We’ve recently been playing super upbeat stuff, but even with our sadder songs we try to add some humor to the lyrics. 



If you could work with another musician, living or dead, who would it be and why?
I’d love to write a song with Billie Joe Armstrong — lead singer of Green Day. His energy is contagious and he mixes pop, theatrics, and political activism together. Plus, his nonchalance towards biphobic fans has always been inspiring to me.


As someone who identifies as bisexual, what do you think is the biggest myth about bi folk?
That it’s a phase. I waited forever to come out because that’s what people kept saying to me, that it was a "phase". Guess what? I'm still bisexual. 


And the biggest truth..?
That we’re obsessed with bisexual lighting [Read our piece on bisexual lighting here] and we will point it out in every possible situation!



How will you be celebrating #BiVisibiltyDay this September?
I’m super excited to be performing at the Bi Pride UK event for Bi Visibility Day this year. We’ll be performing with a full lineup of bi artists in London on 27 September (#BiVisibilityWeek), and it's going to be bi-u-tiful. (That's beautifully bi, bi the way. Okay, bi, bi for now).


Fancy it? Click here for the Facebook event page and here to get your hands on tickets. For more visit â€‹listentolucy.com​ ðŸŒŠâ€‹



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