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Allies, you are important

"What the LGBTQ+ community need to do is help them see the world through our eyes"

Peter Tatchell on why the trans community deserve our support and solidarity

"Those who commit crimes against non-trans women will be neither encouraged nor empowered by a reformed GRA"

REVIEW: Rose & Rosie Overshare documentary tour

"Everybody in that cinema saw a little of themselves onscreen"

Out at work: Head of HR at top London law firm talks inclusivity

“Being authentic is simply not the reality for someone who is terrified that they don’t fit a certain mould”

The Great North Run 2018

"There's nothing more true for me than exercise being good for the mind"

Ending a marriage is already a big decision – does having kids make it even harder?

An LGBTQ+ family lawyer gives their advice...

The exclusive nature of inclusion

"Inclusion is a journey we are all on together"

LGBTI asylum seekers and the warrior lawyer who's helping them

"Less formality, more humanity"

The time for same-sex couples on Strictly is long overdue

"Two women have done it in Israel, two men followed suit in Italy and, guess what? The End Of Civilisation As We Know It didn’t come to pass..."

OPINION: Why WayHaught gets WLW representation right

Tab Sylvester sings the praises of Wynonna Earp’s same-sex love story
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