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Archive of: Lifestyle

Is this Britain’s campest hotel?

Glamour, glitz and the ghost of Judy Garland...

What tops the wish list for London’s first time buyers?

Have you ever dreamt of buying a home in the capital but struggled to find a location you can afford to call home?

Vicky Beeching: It's been a brilliant year

DIVA is sad to say farewell to much-loved columnist Vicky Beeching

The Law and discrimination for sexual orientation

Here’s what you need to know.

Here’s how you can join the Thunderclap campaign to rename the Margaret Court Arena

“By continuing to name their flagship stadium after a divisive homophobe, Tennis Australia is, in effect, endorsing outmoded and offensive views.”

4 things to consider when choosing a sperm donor

Cryos International reveals the key questions to ask yourself.

Vicky Beeching: After coming out, I never imagined I'd be considered for an award like this

The writer, broadcaster and LGBT campaigner opens up to DIVA about winning the Thomas Cranmer Award for Worship.

Remembering Orlando

Four queer women look back at the Pulse shooting, one year on

Why e-cigarettes are this summer’s must-have accessory for smokers

Vaping's less harmful, more practical and great if you want to give up smoking for good.

The road from shame to Pride

Vicky Beeching opens up about her journey of self-acceptance.
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