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Archive of: Dating

I love my straight girlfriend

A lesbian writes in to say her partner of four years identifies as heterosexual

The great big gender and sexuality dictionary

Following our lesbian dictionary last week, here’s the last word on gender and sexuality (well, almost)

The great big lesbian dictionary

Ever been clam slammed while hitting on a stud? Decode lesbian lingo with DIVA’s handy lesbian lexicon

Hot Stuff: Is she too close to her ex?

How close is too close for comfort?

She's selfish in bed

DIVA’s sexpert offers advice to a reader with a lazy girlfriend

Hot stuff: when two butches collide

A reader has trouble with a partner who’s as bossy in bed as she is

Online dating cliches

Online dating can involve a lot of tedious time spent sifting through hundreds of profiles trying to pick out anyone who sounds like she’s got potential to become a suitable partner.

Laurel Holloman opens up to Rachel Shelley

The former L Word star speaks to Rachel Shelley about identity politics and her creative career change

Rachel Shelley interviews The L Word's Jennifer Beals

The actor behind Bette Porter, The L Word’s alpha female, talks to her friend Rachel Shelley about her book, L Word nostalgia and her need for privacy.
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