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Archive of: Dating

Jen Richards: Her Story Reawakened My Love For Acting

Writer, actress and activist Jen Richards tells Carrie Lyell what it’s like to be trans in Hollywood right now.

Different For Girls

Jane Czyzselska tunes in to the new show rewriting lesbian and bi lives on screen.

Flirtatious February 2017 Horoscope

Have a Happy Valentine's Day as Venus in romantic Pisces amps up your love meter.

Dating Demystified With The Dating Decode

Single lesbians are terrible at dating but that's all about to change.

There should be no age limit on being yourself

Claire Dickie is enraged by comments criticising CBBC series, Just A Girl.

5 ways to heal yourself after a breakup

When a relationship has ended, what can we do to take care of ourselves?

10 Things you might not know about Taylor Schilling

We trawl the internet for random facts about your fave celebs so you don’t have to.

The pros and cons of having a same-sex partner

It's great having a girlfriend - except when it isn't

4 Ways to meet lesbians and bi women

Because they don't (all) walk around wearing "I love labia" t-shirts

I love my straight girlfriend

A lesbian writes in to say her partner of four years identifies as heterosexual
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