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Wentworth S05E03 Nothing But The Truth Recap

Liz is about to ensnare herself in her own web of lies as Sonia has all charges against her dropped. Franky is putting just as much energy into pushing Bridget away as she is into finding out who killed Mike Pennisi, and despite a few lost battles Joan knows she is playing the long game in order to bring down Vera.

Wentworth S05E02 The Bitch is Back Recap

Rolling along at break neck speed, Episode 2 of Wentworth sees Franky back inside, Ferguson ready to up the ante in her manipulation games, and some bloody fine acting by Katrina Milosevic – a.k.a the one and only Boomer.

Wentworth S05E01 Scars Recap

Wentworth is back for Season 5, and if you thought that the show couldn’t go on after the writers killed off Top Dog, Bea Smith, then prepare yourself to be wrong.

Kate Jenkinson: If You’ve Met The Right Person Gender Doesn’t Matter

The actress behind Wentworth’s Allie opens up about THAT storyline and her relationship with Torri Shack.

Danielle Cormack: I’ve had relationships with people of both genders

The Wentworth actress on Ballie, sexuality and that season finale (+ MAJOR SPOILERS)
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