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Archive of: Dating

Know when it’s over

Why it's best to end what you're in before you get into something new.

She’s too sexy for me

So, you’ve met this spectacular goddess, but nerves have got the better of you. Let our sexpert advise...

I'm not coming out, but I like girls

A reader takes her first steps into the world of lesbianism.

My best friend is my ex

DIVA’s sexpert unravels a tangled web of lesbian love

After the crazy chemistry, what next?

New relationships are about more than just shagging, says DIVA’s lesbian sexpert

Help! My new girlfriend’s moving herself in

DIVA's sex and dating expert detects a case of lesbian U-Haul disease

I’m straight but I’ve fallen for a girl

DIVA's sex and dating expert dishes out some advice for a new recruit

Help! I’ve fallen for a straight girl

It's only going to work if the spark strikes you both, warns the DIVA sexpert

Am I bad in bed?

It takes two to have bad sex, says our lesbian sexpert

Is breaking up always hard to do?

In a word: yes. But you can do it with respect, says DIVA's dating expert
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