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Equal marriage, all-female Big Brother and queer royals

Cydney Yeates reveals what she's been thinking this week

Slow it down!

"If somebody has the magic answers to balance it all, please send them my way"

OPINION: Same-sex marriage is great, but the fight for equal rights isn't over

Astrid Eisenprobst reflects on Austria’s relationship with LGBT equality

Coming out to class

What's it like when everyone at the school you teach at finds out you're a lesbian?

Queer Actually

Roxy Bourdillon reimagines a Christmas classic

Queer queens, gender-neutral lavs and unwelcome attention

Cydney Yeates shares her take on the week's news

Three things I learned this week

Grindr for girls, queer TV and Kezia Down Under

Allow sperm to perish....

"I mean, it's premium sperm - look at the beautiful babies it creates!"

OPINION: Domestic abuse happens in LGBT relationships too and we need to take action

Charlotte Cooke explains why The LGBT Foundation's LGBT-specific domestic abuse support service is so important

How my cancer diagnosis gave me the courage to come out

Charlotte Cox shares her moving story with DIVA
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