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Archive of: Dating

Help! I’ve fallen for a straight girl

It's only going to work if the spark strikes you both, warns the DIVA sexpert

Am I bad in bed?

It takes two to have bad sex, says our lesbian sexpert

Is breaking up always hard to do?

In a word: yes. But you can do it with respect, says DIVA's dating expert

I can’t get her off

DIVA’s sexpert advises a reader whose girlfriend refuses a helping hand

My girl’s great but her accent grates

Regional accents: seriously sexy or total turn-off?

Break-up blues

Our sexpert offers a reader some post-break-up advice.

Top 10 break-up survival skills

Because sometimes life can throw you some unexpected surprises.

I love my girlfriend but I fancy her straight mate

DIVA's sex & relationships expert gives a "playa" the red card.

My girl's perfect, but we've never met

A cyber-dating reader worries that there’ll be no spark in real life.

Amanda Barrie: I would have been sacked from Coronation Street if I came out

The 81-year-old actress on why she stayed in the closet for so long.
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