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Archive of: Diatribe

Doctor Who and the hullabaloo

"There's no need to get your Tardis in a twist."

Why I love lady wrestling

Heather "La Rana Venenosa" Bandenburg on why she can't get enough of hard femme wrestling.

OPINION: Talent is a myth

So says publisher, writing coach and psychotherapist, Kathy Gale.

Putting race in its place

Former DIVA editor Jane Czyzselska examines her white privilege ahead of UK Black Pride this weekend

OPINION: Does Facebook hate dykes?

Jane Fae on the social media giant's problem with lesbians.

OPINION: Ackley Bridge and why

Josie Le Vay is glued to Channel 4's diverse drama.

OPINION: Are we heading for a Tory backlash against the LGBT community?

Jane Fae can feel a storm brewing.

Dear scientist, my lesbianism has nothing to do with men

A pissed off queer woman reacts to the new study suggesting lesbianism evolved to turn blokes on

Top 5 things that lesbians are supposed to like but perhaps don’t

We can't help it, some of us just break the mould.

Why Bill Potts is the lesbian character I've been waiting for

Josie Le Vay on what Dr Who's new queer sidekick means to her
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