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Archive of: Diatribe

Coming out to your therapist

The doctor’s in, but Alexandra Penelope is not quite out.

Homophobia hurts

Claire Dickie on the isolation and pain of being judged because of your sexual orientation.

Now you see me, now you don't

Sadie Hale on the subject of queer femme invisibility.

Too young to be a lesbian?

15-year-old Claire Dickie is sick of being told she’s too young to know her sexual orientation.

The future is bisexual, get over it!

The gay-straight binary is eroding - and that's good for us all

Girlfriend, partner, bae?

Charlotte Richardson Andrews on the words we use for the ones we love.

5 frankly weird stereotypes about bisexuality

Let's get to the bottom of some of the common myths!

Is bisexuality confusing?

No more than any other sexual orientation if we’re honest, says Katy Harrad

That femme haircut dilemma

I just want to cut my hair! So why is it giving me a lesbian identity crisis?

Dear men, stop hitting on my girlfriend

Anisa Easterbrook thinks it’s high time the "bro code" was extended to lesbians
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