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ELLA International Festival

The initiative is in support of lesbian, bisexual and transgender women.

Bisexual+ Awareness Day - What's That?

Happy Bi+ Awareness Day!

Is The Catholic Church Unsalvageable?

Francis’s church has done nothing to earn forgiveness.

Support lesbians in Malaysia

The leading voice for lesbians and bisexual women calls on the UK government to condemn the caning of lesbians in Malaysia

Plaque for first modern lesbian to change after lesbian erasure complaints

A tribute to Ann Lister is set to be changed after its wording sparked a backlash

Are you ready for your Next Lesson?

Next Lesson will have you crying, laughing, and doing some pretty serious chair dancing... 🍎

Compass Rose By Anna Burke Book Review

Set in 2513 this dystopian fantasy, in the lesbian pirate sub-genre, was hard to put down.

The Gay Agenda Comic - The Right Man

You just haven't found the Right Man yet.

Chatting #BiVisibilityDay with Lucy & La Mer 🌊

Guess what? I'm still bisexual.

An amazing autumn getaway in Illinois πŸ‚

All over Illinois, autumn transforms cities, towns, and forests into a vivid landscape of spectacular viewsi
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