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Archive of: Dating

8 Amazingly awesome DIY date night ideas

Each and every one has been road tested by DIVA's Roxy Bourdillon. It’s been a fun month.

5 Steps To A Paranoia-Free Relationship

Or, as Anisa Easterbrook's dad says, "Don't put your umbrella up before it rains".

Ex Marks The Spot

Why don't lesbians cut the ties when a relationship ends?

When a relationship breaks down

How do you know when to try to save a relationship, and when to walk away?

The million-dollar question: where can I meet women?

Not keen on the scene? Lesbians and bi women know where the girls are… Prepare to meet thy mate!

10 Things Not To Hear On A First Date

We all make dating mistakes, but these slip-ups could be unforgivable…

Should I wait for my “busy” online date?

DIVA’s sex and relationships expert wades into the wild west world of internet dating.

Are you in love? Or in lust?

Anna Sansom explores the age-old lesbian dilemma: is she your friend or your lover?

Hooking Up In The Digital Age

Does technology make it easier or harder to find someone we are sexually compatible with?

Mara Wilson: Coming out was an emotional decision

The Matilda star says the response has been overwhelmingly positive.
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