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Football's Coming Home: an unsuspecting WAG

"My girlfriend is currently rediscovering her love for electric blue football boots, 7-a-sides and 'kickabouts'”

What's in a name?

"I certainly wasn't straight, as I was knee-tremblingly, heart-flippingly in love with a woman"

Can television really be the same after The 100 mess?

Nicola Choi on LGBTQ representation, Bury Your Gays and Lexa's lasting legacy

6 ways to spend Valentine's Day (when you don't do Valentine's Day)

Be your own Galentine 💕

What should I call myself?

"I was sad to lose my visible gay girl identity. But I'd fallen in love"

Messaging the ex, ditching the labels and why Valentine's day sucks

Cydney Yeates shares what's on her mind this week

Russia, we're watching you

An Olympics-shaped opinion piece from the DIVA vaults

My lifelong search for queer female friends

“Growing up as a religious woman of colour, I felt like there was no-one that I could confide in”

Fashionably late to the party

"I was suddenly on high gaydar alert for any mid-life lady-lovers"

School's out!

Teacher Jodie goes on a romantic half term holiday with her girlfriend. Just one problem - her pupil's there too...
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