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My IVF Journey: The Result

In a way, I don't want to test as I want the hope to go on; It's a nice feeling to have hope.

OPINION: Ackley Bridge and why

Josie Le Vay is glued to Channel 4's diverse drama.

Red-blooded woman

"Sex with an ex is pretty much always a bad idea: before you know it your heart is trotting happily after your nether."

Christening day

I was excommunicated because of my sexuality, but now I’ve found a church that celebrates who I am.

Curiouser and curiouser

"Are her lingering looks a sign of Sapphic tendencies or have I misplaced my gaydar in outer Mongolia?"

My IVF Journey: The 2 week wait (week 1)

I'm well versed in what not to google, not testing early, and making sure I don't have too much free time to think about it.

Vicky Beeching: After coming out, I never imagined I'd be considered for an award like this

The writer, broadcaster and LGBT campaigner opens up to DIVA about winning the Thomas Cranmer Award for Worship.

OPINION: Are we heading for a Tory backlash against the LGBT community?

Jane Fae can feel a storm brewing.

Singing the blues

"Even if you think you’re doing the right thing, the sudden shock of losing an intimacy you’d come to rely on is tough."

My IVF Journey: Egg collection

Just when you've got your head around one hurdle, you realise you're about to embark on a new rollercoaster.
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