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OPINION: Ackley Bridge and why

Josie Le Vay is glued to Channel 4's diverse drama.

Wentworth S05E06 Happy Birthday, Vera Recap

The Freak stops at nothing to get to the top of the pile, and Juice certainly won’t be threatening Liz to tell Sonia about her dicky ticker any time soon. Kaz’s fall from grace is complete, and when – I mean, seriously, when? – will Vera see Jake for the utter snake in the grass that he is?

Wentworth S05E05 Belly of the Beast Recap

Drugs are once again rife inside Wentworth, as Franky’s escape plan doesn’t go quite as she hopes. With Sonia’s return, Liz is forever looking over her shoulder and Doreen’s application for a transfer to Perth hits a bit of a snag.

A voice for the voiceless

Danielle Brooks talks Black Lives Matter, body positivity and singing at Samira Wiley’s wedding.

Do you want another series of smart, sexy, Sapphic drama Different For Girls?

Here’s how you can help make it happen.

Try to stay calm, but The L Word Reunion is here

Seriously. See for yourself.

Wentworth S05E04: Loose Ends Recap

It all comes undone for Sonia, as Liz heads back inside. Franky’s planning something, while Ferguson’s scheming starts to draw old enemies into her web.

Wegan are the first ever lesbian couple on Say Yes To The Dress UK!

Watch the loved-up YouTubers choose their perfect wedding dresses.

Wentworth S05E03 Nothing But The Truth Recap

Liz is about to ensnare herself in her own web of lies as Sonia has all charges against her dropped. Franky is putting just as much energy into pushing Bridget away as she is into finding out who killed Mike Pennisi, and despite a few lost battles Joan knows she is playing the long game in order to bring down Vera.

Gay Times is hosting exclusive film screenings for the LGBT+ community

See the acclaimed new Whitney Houston documentary or Oscar-winner Moonlight.
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