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Archive of: Dating

I can’t get her off

DIVA’s sexpert advises a reader whose girlfriend refuses a helping hand

My girl’s great but her accent grates

Regional accents: seriously sexy or total turn-off?

Break-up blues

Our sexpert offers a reader some post-break-up advice.

Top 10 break-up survival skills

Because sometimes life can throw you some unexpected surprises.

I love my girlfriend but I fancy her straight mate

DIVA's sex & relationships expert gives a "playa" the red card.

My girl's perfect, but we've never met

A cyber-dating reader worries that there’ll be no spark in real life.

Amanda Barrie: I would have been sacked from Coronation Street if I came out

The 81-year-old actress on why she stayed in the closet for so long.

How to avoid first date fatigue

The online dating world opens the door to hundreds or even thousands of potential partners.

Online dating etiquette

Searching for romance on the world wide web? Best read this first.

17 signs you’re really into her

Just a little crush? We'll be the judge of that.
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